My Favourite Festival Navratri Essay in English 500+ words

My Favourite Festival Navratri Essay in English 500+ words

Navratri Festival Essay in English

Navratri :-Durga Puja and Navratri are one of the biggest festivals for Hindusm. On this festival, from the establishment of the Kalash on the first day, this Puja continues till the whole nine day. The festival of Navratri is a festival of religion and symbol of faith, and we celebrate this festival with great fanfare. In the nine days of Durga Puja, i.e. in Navratri, the worship of mother Durga is worshiped with the very law and the nine forms of Goddess Durga.


Mostly peoples called Durga Puja as Navratri. Because this puja lasts for nine days. And in this puja we all worship Durga for nine days different forms. And the nine days of Maa Durga have different importance.


Dussehra is a festival of ten days. But why do we call it Navratri, there is a story behind it too, let’s know. By the way, Navratri comes twice a year in our country. Once in autumn and another in spring. We call Sharadiya Navratri in autumn and Navratri in spring season is called Chaitra Navratri. Which we know as Ramnavami.


According to the legend, Goddess Parvati asked Lord Shankar, Swami, what is the significance of this Navratri festival.

Then God has descended very accurately.

Maa Durga worship 9 different forms in Navratri


We know the first form of Godess Durga as Shelputri. She was born to the Himalayan king of the mountains. Hence her name was Shailputri. Shail means the daughter of mountains and daughter.


Glory: – We worship the first incarnation of Mother Durga as Shailputri. She was named Shailputri due to the birth of Himalayan King of Mountains as the daughter-ratna there.

We also know Shailputri by the name of Vrishrudha.

Because their vehicle is Taurus and it is mounted on Taurus. They hold trident in their right hand and lotus flower in their left hand.


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