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My Family Essay for senior students and children’s 

How are you! All are well. We are going to write an essay for children. Because they have given to writing an essay in the school by the teacher. Do not worry; we will solve your problems. Now we start an essay on my family. Please forgive me for the errors.

What is the definition of family?

Family is a social bond where a married husband and wife lived together. But this is not the correct definition of it.

Many sociologists have defined this topic in their own words but different words. Therefore no fixed definition of it.

When a husband and wife tie the knot and live together. They have sexual attraction. And born a child hence all lived with a kin relation.

Family is the unit of society in which adult parent’s lives with his son-daughter-in-law and children lived with happily. Grandparents and uncle aunts all members come to this family.

A married couple lives with a love attraction. Because they follow the rules of society.  In which husband and wife are bound to each other by a sexual relation. They give birth to a child and care it. Hence created a civilized society. Therefore all obey the rules of society.

They all follow the customs of the society. All family members are in a blood relationship. Through marriage, they come in contact with each other, and a family is formed.

All live with prosperity and happiness with each other. They either depend on farming or do some job or business for their daily expenses. Women work at home and men work outside. Women cook at home and wash clothes and take care of kids. And the man works hard on the outside and arranges money for their daily needs.

My family essay for kids in English

A society is made by family and it made my wife, husband, mother, father, and children. It is the foundation of society. It is two types one is compound and the other is small. It does not matter whether the family is small or compound or big.

My families are perfect and ideal. We live in a village in Bihar. My families are a very happy life with brotherhood. Because my father and uncle both are very busy with their works. My grandfather always helps the needy.

My Grandfather also teaches all the villagers children in my village. My grandmother is a religious lady. She always busy with God’s worship and religious work. When she will free she helps my mother and aunt in their work.

Our father is a teacher in a government school in the city. My uncle is a physician; he always treats the poor and needy for free. The household income is good, hence all fulfill of my families easily met.

If anyone has any type of problem in our village, then that circumstance my family comes first to help him, therefore all villagers respect our family very much. And they always praise our family on their mouth.

All live with brotherhood together nobody quarrels and fights in my families. In case of any discord or misunderstanding is solving peacefully. We have four brothers and two sisters all live together happily. Sometimes any issue raises then all forget and live with love and harmony.

If there is a quarrel in our village, our grandfather settles it. The entire village gives an example of our house. And they say, look at their family, no one ever quarrels.

Essay on the family for college students

We live in a village near Patna in Bihar state. My families lived in a village and joint families. The following member live in my families

My parents

Uncle and aunts

Grandfather and grandmother

Two brothers and two sisters etc.

In our house everyone obeys grandfathers and he is the sarpanch of the village. My father and uncle are also busy in their work. My father has his own provisional shop and his uncle is an engineer. We all brothers and sisters go to study at a private school medium school. Our school is two kilometers far from our house.

Our Grandfather and grandmother are very religious in nature. Both are always busy in the worship of God. Both go for walks in the park every morning after getting up. After that worship God after takes bathing. Later see society what is going there. My father and uncle both are so busy because one has to handle a shop and the other one has a job.

Our mother and aunt both together manage all the household work. Sometimes Grandma helps them but very rarely. Because the mother and aunt do not let them work. My mother and aunt live like a sister and never quarrel.

Father and uncle never quarrel. They both live from a brotherhood. All of us siblings never get involved. Sometimes there is a misunderstanding, then grandfather and grandmother together make it reconcile. There is always an atmosphere of peace in our house.

Our society has a lot of respect in our society. If there is any work in society, then our grandfather always stays ahead. If someone fights in our society, our grandfather settles it. And explain to him we should live together with brotherhood and never quarrel. Then your home and society will develop. They all praise of our home members.

Short Essay on my family for class 2

Our house looks like heaven. In our house, all our younger brothers and sister spend their childhood together with happiness. Our little brothers and sisters got great respect in our house. We greatly respect our grandparents. Our parents also love very much young children. My uncle aunty also gives a lot of love to our siblings.

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