Essays on Mother’s day – celebration for children in English 500+

Essays on Mother’s day – celebration for children in English 500+


Mother’s day, we all believe in dedicating to our mother. On this day, we all agree with great joy and glee. Mother’s Day observes on the second Sunday of May every year. On this day, we all repeat the glory of Mother and congratulate them.

Mothers day essay short and long

Every child loves his mother very much, why not and should be. On the occasion of Mother’s Day, children are asked to write essay by their teacher in school. In this article, we have written simple essays on Mother’s Day in different forms, from which you can choose any essay.

Mothers day essay 1 (100 words)


Mother’s Day is a very memorable day for the children and their mother. This day is very memorable for the students. For children, mother is very sweet. Mother’s day is celebrated in the memory of her, and what can be more happiness than this. This day is dedicated to all mothers around the world. This festival is celebrated on the second Sunday of May.

Children consider this day in front of their mother in their school or in their home. And to give love to this mother with love. Mother also lovingly touches the child’s head and gives blessings.

Essay 2 (150 words)

Mother’s Day is celebrated to honour all mothers of the world and to honour her motherhood. This day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May every year by children with great love. This festival is celebrated in the school. All the children start collecting in school from morning. And mothers are invited the day before. The teacher also prepares the program with the students from their activities.

Cultural programs are done in the school. Children participate in debate competition. Some children prepare poetry or speech in Hindi and English. Essay writing, preparing a few lines of speech, speech, etc. in Hindi and English. On this day, all the mothers go to their children’s school and participate in this festival. To welcome all the mothers, the teachers also decorate the classroom with children and welcome them.

Mothers day Essay 3 (200 words)

A mother is everything for a child, everyone knows this. And why not Mother is a picture of Mamta. God has a blessing for the mother’s children. Because if she did not have a mother, she would not have been born.

Mother’s Day celebrates every child for her mother to honour her motherhood. Mother has a huge responsibility towards children. According to Hindi month, every year, Mother’s Day is celebrated on Chaitra or the second Sunday in May. Nowadays children express happiness by giving greeting cards, wishing cards etc. to their mother on Mother’s Day.

There is an atmosphere of happiness in the whole family. On this day all the family members go out and eat and have fun. Mother also cooks her favourite dish for her baby like- Maggi, Chowmin, Kheer, Paneer, Cream etc.

A dance song is also programmed after the festival. Children participate in various types of debates like essay writing, speech, poetry speaking and oral conversation. Then those children are rewarded by the teacher from their mother’s hands. And thus ends.

Mother’s day is a very happy day for children. Children dedicate this to their mother. The mother is the best friend of the children as she takes care of all the activities of the children which we need. Therefore, one day of the year has been chosen to thank and respect the mother. Which every year we all celebrate as Mother’s Day.

Children cannot live without their mother’s affection and care. She cares for us a lot. Mother is the only person in this world who never leaves us alone. She always keeps it tied to his chest.

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