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Mahashivratri Essay -Maha Shivratri for students and children in 500 words

MahaShivratri or Shivratri is a big festival of Hindu religion. It is based on Lord Shankar.
According to the Hindu religious calendar, this festival is celebrated by the Trudasashi or Chaturdashi of the Krishna fortnight of Falgun Month. Maha Shivaratri is with Lord Shiva’s marriage, mother Parvati. After God’s marriage, the common people marry.

This festival is based on Lord Shiva. Whose people eagerly wait. Shivaling is worshiped. Lord Bhole Shankar is a devotee of Vatsal. The great Shivratri devotees fast during the holy day and worship the statue of Lord Shiva by visiting the temple in the evening. Then the whole night awakens Lord Shiva’s meditation.

MahaShivratri History

Maha Shivratri is one of the biggest festivals of Hindus. This festival is celebrated every year on the 13th day of the month of Phagun. This is the day of the marriage of Lord Shiva and Ma Parvati. In this festival, devotees sacrifice food and water all day long. And in the evening, after bathing the devotee, wearing pure cloth, going to Shiva temple, worship Lord Shankar’s Shiva Ling with milk and water, and worship it with vinegar.

It is also said that Lord Shiva appeared on this day. This festival is considered to be the very highest of religious, spiritual, and astrology. On this day the atmosphere gets purified and “Namah Shivaya” makes the atmosphere elusive.

All men and women can do this festival. You must also do more. By offering full-bell paper and milk or water on Chaturdasi, worshiping Shiva will bring you the desired fruit and all the sins will be erased. Lord Bhole Shankar provides happiness and peace and happiness by destroying the hidden work, anger, greed, attachment, and sin in us.

On this day Lord Shiva had appeared as a Rudra from Brahma, that is the meeting of the formless person is called Maha Shivratri.

Lord Shiva is the God who protects all. That is why everyone is waiting for Maha Shivaratri. Celebrate it very well on Shivratri day. There is a program of kirtan-hymns and cannabis everywhere. All the devotees are seen to be in a dream and are busy with fun. Many religious and mythological stories are associated with Shivratri.

The story behind on MahaShivaratri

Samudra manthan story

Once upon a time, the churning of the sea with the combination of the gods and demons. During the manthan, there is a terrible poison called Kalkut from the sea. This poison was so dangerous that soon spreading to the entire environment, the whole world started burning. This caused a loss to all the gods. All got disturbed, what would happen now How will all creatures be protected? Then all the gods came together and went to Lord Shiva and started pleading with them that O Lord, save the world from the crisis by protecting the world with the effect of this terrible toxin.

Why Lord Shiva called Neelkanth

Lord Shankar is a devotee and a donor. Immediately he took that poison into his throat. That is why they are called Neelkanth. And thus Lord Shiva saved the world.

When Lord Shiva put that poison on his throat, he started to get very much pain. They were disturbed by the pain. Then all the gods urged that Lord Moon is cold. Put it on your frontal. And thus their name becomes Chandrashekhar. And during the night all the gods awakened Lord Shiva in the moonlight. That great night is known as Shivaratri.

The battle between Brahma and Vishnu

According to Shiva Purana, once there was a fight between Brahma and Vishnu that there was a bigger difference between the two. There was a fierce battle between the two in this dispute. It reached the point that both of them gave a fierce battle. And started using their own weapons. There was no noise in the Puri ceremony.

All the Gods came forward to defend this war.

All the gods and the Rishmuni asked Lord Shiva to stop this war. Then Shiva constructed a huge lighted Jyotirling between Brahma and Bishnu. And told them that where is the edge?

Then the Bahamas went flying into a quiver with the form of a goose. And Bishnu took the form of Varah and walked on the earth. But both of them did not find the edge of that jyotirlinga. Both could not figure out the edge. Then both of them conceded their necklace and bowed down to that Jyotirling. From which Om went out

Then both of them looked carefully and looked like Shivling. Then both of them agreed to give their prayers to Lord Shiva. Then Lord Shiva boasted both of them. And for the first time Jyotiling appeared, it began to be celebrated as Shivaratri.

Maha Shivaratri and hunter story

Once upon a time, Lord Bhole Shankar and Ma Parvati were sitting on Mount Kailash. And he asked a question from Bhole Shankar – Which is the best or simple prayer of the Swami, by which man can achieve your devotion. Then Lord Bhole Shankar told him the festival of Shivratri and its legislation. And also told the story. Attention will be gained with meditation and meditation.

Once it was a hunter in a town, he used to follow his family by killing animals.

Once he went to the forest for hunting. But even after wandering all day, they did not get any hunt. He was disturbed by hunger and thirst. For hunting, he was hiding on a tree in a forest near a pond. There was an old Shivling under the vine tree that was not clear. Hunter could not find the person.

While hiding, he broke the twigs, which coincidentally fell on Shivling. And the hunger-thirsty hunter fasted all day, and the ballet also got climbed on Shivling.

On a pawn, the night came a drinker drinking water. As the hunter picked up the arrows on the bow, he said, ‘I am a pregnant woman. Soon I am giving birth to children. Do not be a part of sin by killing two creatures together. I will come to you soon after giving birth to the child, then you should take my hunt. ‘ The hunter let him go and ran away the deer.

A little later, another deer was going through. The hunter, who saw him bow at the bow. Then he asked Vinay to plead, ‘Hey hunter!’ I have retired from Season a while ago. I’m a lazy virgin. I am wandering in search of my dear. I will meet with my husband and come to you soon. ‘ The hunter let him go as well. He was perturbed over losing his prey twice. He was in all sorts of thoughts. The last hour of the night was passed.

Only then another Hirni was leaving from there with his children. This was a golden opportunity for the hunter. He did not take time to arrange arrows on the bow. It was about to leave the arrow that the ornament said, ‘Hey hunter!’ I will return these children by handing them to their father. Do not hit me at this time.

Hunters laugh and say, let’s leave the prey, I’m not such a fool Before that I have lost my prey twice. My children are begging for hunger and thirst. In the north, Hirani again said, like you are feeling the love of your children, just like me, too. Therefore, I have been demanding life for a short while on the name of only children. Hey hunter! Believe me, I pledge to leave them to their father and return immediately.

Hearing him, the hunter gave him mercy and let him go. In the absence of prey, the hunter-bellied hunter was thrashing the ballet and throwing it down. If a pot was to blow, a healthy athlete came on the same path. The hunter thought that he would definitely be hunting it. Seeing the hunter’s stereotype, he said in an exclaimed voice, Hey Brother! If you have killed three dead girls and small children before me, then do not delay killing me too, so that I do not have to suffer for a moment in their separation. I am the husband of those diamonds. If you have given them life, then please give me some momentary life too. I will meet him and I will be present before you.

Upon hearing the deer, the whole night’s incident cycle went in front of the hunter, he heard the story of the deer. Then Hiran said, “As my three wives have been committed, they will not be able to follow their religion because of my death. So, just as you have left them as confidential, let me also go. I am present in front of you with all of them. ‘ The violent heart of the hunter was cleansed due to fasting, night-wake, and climbing the ballet on Shivalinga. Bhagavad Shakti had settled in it. Bow and arrows left easily with his hands. With the compassion of Lord Shiva, his violent heart was filled with emotive emotions. He remembered the deeds of his past and started burning in the flame of repentance.

Shortly after that deer became present before the hunter so that he could hunt them, but seeing such truths, integrity and collective love of wild animals, the hunter was seriously ill. His eyes started flowing with tears. By not killing that deer family, the hunter has made his harsh heart out of the animosity and made it soft and kind for eternity.

Only then Lord Shiva appeared and said to the hunter – Shivratri is today and you are unknowingly right but I have worshiped my vow and bilepatra. So your rejuvenation has happened and your mind has become pure. Anyone who will listen to this story on Shiva-devotee Maha Shivaratri / Maha Shivaratri will get all the results that you have got.

Maha Shivaratri 2019

Monday 4th March 2019

Maha Shivaratri 2020

Friday 21 February 2020

Pooja Vidhi of Maha shivratri

First of all, after bathing with holy water for purification of your mind and soul, wear clean and pure clothes.

Use water or milk to ascend to the Shiva temple.

Give Shindhur on Shivalinga.

Burn the sun and lamps after installing the vermilion

Find flower and bell Patra and basil or paan on shoveling and enjoy fruits, sweets, etc. in the form of prasad

In the end, do the worship of God with all your heart and repeat the word “OM Namah: besides” repeatedly.

Shivratri and Mahashivratri

Difference between shivratri and Maha Shivratri:-

Shivratri comes every month on the fourteenth day of Krishna’s side, which is called Shivratri.

But Maha Shivaratri comes only once in 12 months, which is called Maha Shivaratri.

Significance of Maha Shivaratri

Maha Shivratri Shiva is a very special festival for devotees. This is the festival of Lord Bholenath. Which is worshiped by Lord Shiva? On this day Lord Shiva’s marriage ends with mother Parvati. You get liberation for the festivals of Maha Shivaratri. All your sins are destroyed. There is a growth of blessed paddy in the house. Happiness and charm come all around.

This festival is considered to be very fruitful for women. The woman who is unmarried gets married instantly. And married women do this festival for the long life of their husbands and the happiest family life.

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