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Essay on International Yoga Day-

Essay on International Yoga Day.

Yoga Day started on June 15, 2015. Earlier people of the world would probably know Yoga. But after this day all the people in the world got to know Yoga well.

The birth of the International Yoga Day goes to the Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has been a great contributor to starting this worldwide. He started the first-ever Yoga Day on June 21, 2015. This day is organized in India by AYUSH Ministry.

In the United Nation, Prime Minister Modi explained the benefits and importance of Yoga to all the people around the world. Therefore, people of the entire world are enthusiastic and believe in Yoga Day with full zeal.

The main purpose of doing Yoga Day is to make the whole world healthy and healthful by Yoga. India’s contribution to this work is first of all.

This day hundreds of crores of people have made a contribution to the world which was a record. Yoga is such an effective form of exercise, through which the balance of body parts is made not only in the mind, mind, and spirit. This is the reason that yoga can be found in addition to physical ailments besides mental problems.

The word yoga is derived from the use of culture, which means union with the universal consciousness of the soul. Yoga is being adopted for more than ten thousand years. According to Vedic codes, it is mentioned in Vedas since ancient times about the ascetics. Even in the Indus Valley Civilization, sculptures displaying Yoga and Samadhi received sculptures.

Yoga enables the unity of mind, body, and soul. Various forms of yoga benefit our physical and mental health in different ways. International Yoga Day is celebrated to enjoy this unique art.

Long and short essay on international yoga day

International Yoga day Essay 1 (250 Words)

As you all know, the proposal for International Yoga Day was kept by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the United Nations in September 2014. He was supported by various yoga practitioners and spiritual leaders from around the world for this proposal. Considering all this, the League of Nations passed the resolution on 11 December 2014 that every year will be celebrated on June 21 as International Yoga Day.

The first International Yoga Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm all over the world. But the first time in India was done on the Rajpath road in New Delhi. On that day the enthusiasm of the people was made.

Together. In order to celebrate this day thousands of people gathered at Janpath. In addition to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, many humble people of different parts of the world also became part of this event and here Yoga came and practiced asanas.

Yoga is not a new thing. These ancient people used to do it since yesterday. Regarding Yoga, it is mentioned in Vedic Code from ancient times about the ascetics. In the Hindu religion, Yogi regularly performs yoga regularly even by saints, saints, and ascetics. But you have not found it yet, because they do not know its benefits and its importance.

Yoga is a very good thing for our life. By doing it regularly, you can be easily rid of a busy, stressful, and unhealthy life.

The main goal of starting the yoga of Prime Minister is that all the people of the world can live a happy and healthy life.

Yoga enables the unity of mind, body, and soul. Various forms of yoga benefit our physical and mental health in various ways. International Yoga Day is celebrated to enjoy this unique art.

Knowledge about international yoga day in English

What is yoga? This is a type of exercise, which is done by concentrating the mind and the soul. By which to make a balance in the mind and the brain. And this is the reason that due to regular yoga, mental health problems can be found in addition to physical ailments. No doubt.

First International yoga diwas

First International Yoga Day, along with India, many countries of the world celebrated with great enthusiasm the credit of bringing Yoga in the ancient times to the world goes to the Prime Minister of India; it is a matter of great pride for us.

To celebrate the first International Yoga Day, a big event was held on the Rajpath Marg of Delhi. To make the first day memorable, Prime Minister Modi invited many big personalities of the world by inviting them. Many people who came from 84 countries participated in Yoga Day. Apart from this, the general public also participated in this festival. On this day, a total of 21 Yoga was conducted.

Yoga Day was celebrated in small towns besides big cities in the country. On this day, NCC cadets recorded their names in the Limca Book of Records by “Eklavya Uniformed Youth Organization” by performing the biggest yoga performance.

It was a good start; too, Yoga Day was celebrated very enthusiastically. It is a matter of pride for the Indians that the whole world is praising our art and culture. Our art and culture accept the whole world. And our country can give the world a good path in the future.

International Yoga Day Quotes

All this bringing of the mind into a higher state of vibration is included in one world in yoga- Swami Vivekananda

The meaning of our self is not to be found in its separateness from God and others but in the ceaseless realization of yoga, of the union – Rabindranath Tagore.

Meditation can turn fools into sages but unfortunately fools never meditate-Swami Vivekananda

Fifth international yoga day celebrated

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi celebrated 5th Yoga Day at the Prabhat Tara Ground in Ranchi, Jharkhand. And he said yoga is above the caste and religion, it should make every person an integral part of his life. With this, we can get rid of diseases. On Yoga Day, the PM conveyed the message of peace, prosperity, and goodwill that there is the special meaning of celebrating this in Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand.

He performed with more than 30 thousand people in the Yoga Day held in Ranchi (Ranchi, 5th International Yoga Day 2019). People have seen great enthusiasm and craze for yoga with the PM (Narendra Modi).

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