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Importance of Rivers Essay in English for Student and children pxxstory

Importance of Rivers Essay in English for Student

Importance of rivers – The river is the source of water. This river usually originates from hills, rocks, and lakes. But it has often been seen that somewhere the river flows out of flat places. It comes out of the mountains, rocks, plateaus, and flat places into a big lake or into the sea.

Some rivers flow out of the plains due to the melting of snow and from other sources.

The river gives a glimpse of the ancient civilization of our country. The river is like our mother. It is the heritage of our civilization. It descends slowly from the mountains. When she descends from the mountain, she divides into several parts, and in this way, she comes in flat plains.

First, many very narrow streams of water come together to form a large stream. This stream gradually widens in its path. On its way, it joins other small rivers. They are called its tributaries.

Flowing through the flat plains, it eventually falls into the sea, lake, or any other river. Its mouth becomes very wide. A river usually receives its water by melting snow in the mountains. Sometimes it is also watered by rain.

Rivers are the culture of our country. Many civilizations have taken birth along the banks of rivers. We worship rivers. The rivers are sacred to us.

In our religious texts, rivers are given respect for the mother. We call them by many names. Sarita, Pravahini, etc. are their names. The names of major rivers of the country and abroad are as follows- Ganga, Yamuna, Indus, Neel, Thames, and Nil, etc. Rivers have a special place on our earth. The place where the stream of the river flows is called the river valley. The river is the basis of life.

Importance of Rivers in India

Rivers are very useful for our human civilization. It is a very large source of water. The river has a reservoir of water for twelve months, no matter how hot it is. It gets fresh water every day. Its water is pure.

Many big cities are inhabited along the rivers. The main reason for this is that the people of earlier times built their houses on the banks of the river. Because there was water to drink. Food was also produced on the banks of the river so that it could be starved. People also used the river for traffic.

The soil on the banks of the river is very fertile, making it easy to produce crops.

is. Rivers make those cities clean. The dirty water of the city is drained into the river. Due to which she becomes miserable

The river is a boon for farmers. Water is available for bathing in the river. Animals get water for feeding. Cattle also get water for washing. Water is available for the irrigation of crops. We can cook food for ourselves with river water. Fish is found in the river which serves as food for us. Some people catch the fish from the rivers and take it to the market and sell it, which also earns them some income.

The air on the banks of the river is pure for health, causing no disease. Sulfur content is found in river water. If you walk in the river in the morning and evening, there will be no foot disease.

The river is very important for toilets and baths.

Short Essay on River in English

Rivers have always been a way of life for us. Rivers are an integral part of nature, which has ridiculed mankind. Rivers collect water and rainwater with them, transport it to the land, and make it fertile. These are the major rivers of our country – Ganga, Yamuna, Saraswati, Brahmaputra, Indus, Kaveri, etc.

The river is inhabited by many animals. The water of rivers has many social, scientific, and economic benefits. The river receives clean water as per the requirement for human life that is why most ancient civilizations, tribes developed near the rivers. Indus Valley Civilization, for example, has been found to have developed near the Indus River.

In a large part of the whole world, drinking water and water for domestic use is obtained only by rivers. Even from an economic point of view, rivers are very useful for us, because water is easily supplied for industries. Water is obtained from the river itself for agriculture for farmers and also for irrigation.

Rivers are the best source of very profitable fertile alluvial soil for agricultural purposes. Along with providing water, it also carries domestic and industrial dirty and residual water along with it.

The river is used for water transport. The tourism department also gets boosted by this – like it can do recreational means like boating, river rafting, etc. In the form of food, we get fish from the river itself. Electricity can be generated by constructing dams on rivers.

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