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Holi Festival Essay for students and children [500+] words English

Now write an essay on Holi

Holi is a very big festival of Hindu religion and community. This festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm. This festival is celebrated with happiness and joy.

Short and Long Essay on Holi Festival

In schools or colleges, children are given to write an essay on the Holi festival by the teacher. So I’m writing an essay about the Holi festival, especially for children and students. This essay will be of 100,150,200,250,300,400 and 600 words respectively.

Holi Festival Essays 1 (100 Words)

Holi celebration is celebrated after the arrival of spring. Holi festival is a very entertaining and joy festival.

We all live in the country of India. India is a country of festivals. There are different festivals coming at different times here. Festivals are very important in our lives. If the festival does not come at times from time to time, then by being humble we may go astray somewhere. But the festival brings new excitement and new happiness and excitement to our lives.

In this festival, people celebrate this festival with love by joining together their mutual friends.

Holi Festival Essays 2 (150 Words)

Holi festival is a festival of colours. Colours fill new colours in our lives. This festival is a festival of love and harmony. After the end of the rainy season, the spring season is an admission. The atmosphere and the atmosphere are green surroundings. Our mind gets soft with the sweet melodious sound of a cuckoo.

At this time festival of Holi comes. People celebrate this festival very well at this festival. The crops around are cut off. The farm-barn is empty. New energy is transmitted inside us from the flow of air.

A variety of dishes are made at the Holi festival. And all eat together. The sound is loud. People dance, sing, and sing.

Whichever person you go to, you get a variety of dishes. Get throats from one another. And dances.

Holi Festival Essays 3 (200 Words)

Holi festival is also called is a festival of colours. This festival is celebrated every year after the spring season. Apart from the Hindu religion, people of Jain and Buddhist religions also celebrate this festival. This festival is a festival of mutual brotherhood.

According to the Hinduism religion calendars Holi Festival is celebrated on the full moon of Phagun months. And the colour is played only on the second day of the full moon. All the families such as family members, children, young men and women, all joyfully rise.

Holi is a festival to eat food. A lot of dishes are prepared on Holi. Make a very tasty dish from bamboo, flour and ghee and make it a family meal. And whatever comes on the house to meet on Holi. They also feed them, and throat is also found.

Holi Festival Essays 4 (250 Words)

The Holi festival is a big festival for Hinduism. This festival is celebrated with excitement and joy. All people gather together to enjoy this festival.

The Holi festival is celebrated immediately after the end of the Rainy season and the beginning of the spring season. A green-green sheet is laid in nature. The sweet voice of the cuckoo and the goodness of nature are also very charming. Spring is the King of all seasons. It is useless to imagine the creation without the king. Holi festival is a direct sign of the arrival of spring.

The Holi festivals are celebrated in Falgun month. On the last day of Phalgun month i.e. full moon day, Holika starts Holi and starts Holi. And the next day Dhulendi is. And next day Holi plays with colors, gulals, and abhir.

All go to each other’s house and go home. And put color, gulal, and abir on it. The children also take blessings from their grandfather and grandmother. Drum-nagade also happens together. There is a dance-song. And the song of Holi is sung.

Poo-dish is fed. And mutual brother meets the throat. Children also hide color by colorfully throwing them in color. Everybody is eating and drinking at all.

People celebrate Holi with their anxiety and tension. The festival of Holi brings new communication of hope in a dead life. The festival is filled with colors in our lives.

Holi Festival Essays 5 (800 Words)

An Introduction

The festival of Holi is an indication of the arrival of spring. This festival is celebrated on the festivities of Falgun month. This festival begins with Holika Dahan for two days. One day Holi plays from Dhu-Kechad. And the second day is playing with Rang Gulal and Abir. It is a festival of colors and a feast of dinners.

On Holi, we go to each other’s house and put color and Abir and gulal. Everyone celebrates Holi by forgetting their mutual rhyme and discrimination. And the round-the-clock play continues throughout the day. Due to the celebration of Falgun month, it is also known as Fagan.

By the spring, the fields and barns also become green. Crops are flowing in fields and seeing the farmers also fluttering with joy.

After eating the poo-dish in the evening, after dressing in the evening and dressing in clean clothes, going to the Holi gathering ceremony, greet each other with Holi, and congratulate the throat together.

Legend and story behind Holi Festivals

Holika and Prahlad story

Holi festival has many religious and mythological stories associated with it. According to one legend, the festival of Holi is based on the biography of the devotee Prahalad. According to the Hindu texts, in the time of Purana, Hiranyakashipu was a very powerful and powerful Asura king. It was the fierce enemy of Lord Vishnu. Because Lord Vishnu killed his elder brother Hiranyaxa. Because he had condemned the earth.

Hiranyakashipu was able to take revenge for his involvement, he had got very much power by blessing Varsha by pleasing him. He destroyed religion on the whole earth. The worshiper was abolished. According to him, he used to think himself as God. Who did not consider Hiranyakshipu to be God, would have ended it. Her torture was very much increased.

Prahalad, son of Hiranyakashipu was the supreme devotee of Lord Vishnu. King Hiranyakashipu tried very hard to end the devotion of Lord Vishnu with the help of Prahalad, but all was useless.

Prahlad also explained to his father Hiranyakashipu that God is all-powerful. She is everywhere, she is a widow.

In the end, King Hiranyakashipu ordered his soldiers to end it. His soldier Prahalad was killed by the sword. He was brought down to the mountain and down. There was a lot of effort to kill him. But still, his hair did not grow. Everywhere Lord Vishnu saved him.

In the end, Hiranyakashipu’s sister Holika sat in fire and took Prahlaad in her arms. Lord Vishnu had given him a sheet as a boon. The fire does not burn it by touching that sheet and sitting in the fire.

But there were a lot of tornadoes and covered the garlands of Holika’s cover. And thus Prahalad’s life was saved and Holika was burnt. In the same joy, we start the Holi festival by burning Holika.

The festival of Holi was also celebrated in the Mughal period. After some excavation, there is also some evidence. Akbar recorded the description of playing Holi with Jodha Bai and Jahangir’s Nurjahan in history. Jolgir’s Holi playing statue has been shown in the Museum of Alwar.

Hampi also has some pictures of Holi in Vijayanagara’s capital.

Holi Customs and traditions

Holi’s custom is very old. In ancient times, the donation of food to Holi was celebrated by the woman for the prosperity of the family. But now the time has changed at all. Now the festival of Holi is the festival of colors. According to the Hindu religion, the new year begins after the Holi festival. Chaitra is the first month of the year.

For Holika Dahan, all the people gather wood, garland, and so on the crossroads and gather fire in it as soon as they are auspicious. And they dance and dance around the flames of the burning fire and play drums too. Some people even add coconut, galhu ki Bali, Prasad, etc. in the fire. Some people also bring a dish from their home. And they all share there.

Even after Holika’s burning, people sing and sing Holi songs sitting there. And they are attacking, they make hovers.

On the next day of the Holika, Dhulendi is called. On this day people play Holi from Dhul etc. On the next day of Dhulendi, the children take the pitch and play the color of everyone’s house. A variety of dishes are prepared on Holi. There are also many dishes made from Bason and maida by eating and feeding.

Holi Filmi Geet

Several film songs and films have also been made on Holi. In Hindi, Bangla, Bhojpuri, Kannada, Malayalam, all songs have been made in style and films have been created on Holi. Speaking of some Hindi songs:

  • होली खेले रघुवीरा अवध में
  • आज न छोडेंगे तुम्हे
  • रंग बरसे
  • बलम पिचकारी
  • होली के दिन
  • जोगी जी धीरे-धीरे

भोजपुरी गाने:-

  • सामान बढ गईल बा

Many authors have also written poems on Holi.

Holi Festivals

Wednesday 20 March 2019

Thursday 21 March 2019

Monday, 9 March 2020

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Significance of Holi Festival

Holi holds great importance in our lives. Good luck with evil at this festival. People forget Holi and they play Holi as a friend. Holi is called the festival of colors because this festival brings new excitement and new enthusiasm to our lives. All government institutions and schools-colleges are closed on Holi.

Braj also plays Holi with Lord Krishna Gopi. Lathmar Holi is also played. There is a different custom of playing Holi everywhere. The Holi festival of India is celebrated in all the states. Holi is played in India, Nepal, Mauritius, etc. among the countries. By the way, wherever Holi is played in the country where the Indian resides, it is also very encouraging.

Where Holi comes on the one hand, on the other hand, it also has evil. Some people take hostility to anyone even in Holi. Some of the kind people make filthy slogans against women, they also give up the slurry. Some anti-social elements turn Holi into openings of excitement. Some people mix chemicals in color and put them on someone’s face, causing heavy losses to them, then the environment gets cured.

So I advise all of you to celebrate all Holi celebrations with love and brotherhood. Enjoy the festivities of all mutual enmity. This festival comes with a new beginning in your life.

You do not use chemical color.

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