Essay on Father’s day in for Students & children 500+ words

Essay on Father’s day in for Students & children 500+ words

Essay on Father’s day in English for Students

Father’s day– In any family parents have a lot of responsibility? In him, the father is the head of the family, without him the family cannot run. Well, nothing can happen without a father. I have tried to describe the important role of the father in this post very well, which will be useful for both the child and the student in his syllabus.


Father’s Day Essay

As we consider Mother’s Day in honour of Mother every year, in the same way, in honour of her father, she is widely regarded as Father’s Day or Father’s Day in order to respect her. Celebrate this festival by remembering the important contribution of father. On this day all the children of the world celebrate with their father ungrateful. In this, the relationship between father and children is deep.

Father’s Day is celebrated in every country of the world on the third Sunday of June.

Story behind fathers day

Father’s Day was first celebrated on 19th June 1910 in the US capital Washington. And today in 2019 Father’s Day has completed 109 years. Believing it is an interesting story – which is based on the Sonora Smart Dodd.

When Sonora Dodd was a little child, her mother died. After Mother’s death, William Jackson Smart gave Sonoro to never feel the lack of mother in her life and he gave her mother’s full love.

Then one day in the mind of the Sonora Dodd came an ideas , why not one day be given to father’s name. His father’s birthday was also coming closer. Therefore, Sonora had this day on the first Sunday of June.

That’s why Father’s Day was celebrated on 19 June 1910 in Washington for the first time. US President Calvin Koli gave his consent by stamping Father’s Day in 1924.

Then in 1966, President Lyndon Johnson announced the official declaration of Father’s Day on the third Sunday of June. In 1972, a permanent holiday was announced on Father’s Day in America. Papa raises the burden of the whole on his shoulders and does not allow a wrinkle on the forehead. They fulfil all our wishes, even if their desires are not fulfilled.

When is father’s day in 2019?

Sunday, 16 June

When is father’s day in 2020?

Sunday, 21 June

How do we celebrate father’s day?

Both mother and father are important for children. But mother is very close to the heart for the children. After that the father position. Father’s love is much more than the love of a mother, but does not appear. Father’s love is inside.

When the children laugh, the father laughs, but when the children cry, the father’s heart also cries inwardly. Seeing that the child is skyrocketing, the father’s chest gets proudly 56 “, but when the path goes away, the father cries for himself. This is what happens to father.

We recognize the good and the bad father in the world. Daughters are very close to their parents because daughters are the fairy of Papa. For a father, his daughter is not less than a princess. Son is also bigger in the care of father and he adopts all his qualities. Every father considers the marriage of his daughter as his religion.

Father favours his happiness for children’s happiness. Inside the heart of a father, many qualities like love, compassion, kindness, goodwill are hidden for their children and family. Therefore, Papa is very important in our lives. If someone is not a Papa then that person is deprived of all these things.

Father’s Day describes some ways to celebrate: –

Nowadays there are many types of cards available in the market, which by giving you can increase the value of your father. You can give any good surprise gift to your father. Then you can also arrange a dinner party with your father. Or you can go to a favourite place on a tour.

By purchasing the father’s favourite item, you can give it as a gift.

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