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Essay on Summer Vacation for Students and children | 500+words etn

In our country, the heat is very high. The summer season is the hottest month of the year. In summer, children get a two-month leave from school. To enjoy this long holiday, children go to the hill station and elsewhere to roam with their parents. There they get an opportunity to eat ice cream and their favorite food with their parents.

Teacher children are given writing essays on summer vacation. So we are writing short and big essays for children. You can choose any essay as per your choice.

Long and Short Essay on Summer Vacation

Essay on Summer Vacation 1 (100 words)

There are mainly three seasons in our country – summer, rain, and winter. But in these three seasons, the summer season is very fun. Because we enjoy a lot this season. The summer season starts from March to June-July. The sun’s rays look very hot in the summer season. That is why we long for sunshine in the winter season. Whereas we see the rays of the sun very fast as the summer season approaches.

In this season, we take a leisurely bath in the desired pond and river. When the heat rises too much. So he is given discounts on school-colleges in the months of time. Children enjoy this season very much. Some children go to sleep to spend the holiday.

Essay on Summer Vacations 2 150 words

The summer season is very infrequent. This season comes every year at right time. In this season the children get one month’s leave. The children are very happy about this holiday.

Because only children can enjoy this holiday properly. They plan in advance that they will go to Grandmother’s house as soon as they are discharged. Or I will go for a walk somewhere and there will be ice cream and a variety of sweets.

The head of the children is always burdened with studies, it is never able to remain free, but the summer vacation has been liberated for them from all work.

During summer vacation, either go to a hill station for a walk or then go for a picnic. But in both places, they get a lot of fun.

This season also brings the festival of Holi. Thus, summer vacation is very enjoyable.

Essay on Summer Vacation 250 words

Summer vacation is a holiday time for children and parents. Both the children and their parents wait for this vacation for a long time. So that summer vacation can be enjoyed. The children get happy when they get information about leave from school.

All school children are waiting for leave. The children too are eager to enjoy some free time under the burden of studies. Their parents also think that if our children have a holiday, they should roam around somewhere.

In summer vacation, someone plays cricket, someone does a computer course, someone goes to their grandmother’s house, someone joins a dance class, and someone goes to visit places like Mount Abu and Maa Vaishnodevi with their parents Is taken And in this way everyone spends the holiday according to their status.

When the children come back home after roaming, then they start their study because the exam starts as soon as the summer vacation is over and good marks are to be brought to it, otherwise the parents will get scolded.

When children go for a walk, they are more focused on cold drinks and ice cream because that season is also very hot. And at the same time, cold water is the basis of life. Children should be fed foods according to the weather so that the weather is not affected.

How do you enjoy summer vacation?

Before the term summer vacation, all was unknown. Children get to hear these words in the school itself. Children do not know anything when they are very young. Children get knowledge about the school from their parents, that we have to go to school and there we will be taught a lot of knowledge. Children learn about summer vacation in the school itself.

When the children study throughout the year, they all get bored, so they think that we wish we would have a few days’ leaves where we have no education and nothing. Then his friends tell him that summer vacation is going to come, they will have fun. Then a wave of happiness runs in his mind. And they are told that I am going to get a full two months’ leave. Then he makes a variety of plans to go to grandmothers’ house, then to a hill station, to go for a walk with the papa-mummy and have fun with his siblings.

The weather from April to June becomes very hot. And this summer a lot of school timing

Changes from 7 am to 11. The Government of India does not make children feel bad, so morning school is held in all schools and colleges.

In this season, it becomes very difficult to get out of the house from 9 o’clock. And the heat reaching June becomes even more terrible. Therefore, in such weather, children are exempted from school and college.

Children are very cute by nature. They are very fond of eating, drinking, traveling, and playing. So they eat ice cream, juices, chocolate, cold drinks and sweets

Always crave and why should it not be children.

And under the pretext of children, his parents also turn around. His parents also do not get time. And on the pretext of summer vacation, they also come round again.

How you enjoy your vacation?


Summer holidays are the happiest time for all students. This discount lasts for about one to one and a half to two months. It happens in all schools, be it government or non-government. It starts with passion and ends in July. The school opens in late July.

The summer vacation is done to avoid damage to the intense and harmful rays of the sun. In this holiday, the children enjoy a full summer vacation along with their loving parents and brother. We usually visit hill stations to get relief from the unbearable heat of the summer months.

But some people do something new along with enjoyment and entertainment which can give them an opportunity to increase their skills and knowledge in other fields of study as well.

Uses of Summer Holidays

Some children join tuition to strengthen their weak subjects on this holiday. Because many classes are active in this holiday. This class also gives children a break on this occasion. Some go to new places in the country and enjoy their summer vacation, and then some come from a nearby place.

Enjoy on Summer Holidays

Hearing the name of the summer holidays, the children become happy and self-possessed. In school, the information about a long holiday is heard, children start dancing happily. This holiday becomes the happiest moment for the children as they get a long break from the daily busy life of work like school and homework. Some children accompany their parents and relatives to visit the countryside or some historical and recreational place. To spend this holiday, travel and entertain from home to the city, hill stations, and other quiet places.

And their parents spend a lot of money on this holiday. But not everyone can entertain this kind of entertainment. Those who belong to the rich class bear this expense.

They enjoy the holiday by visiting places like Singapore and Malaysia abroad. But people belonging to poor class go to someplace around their house and take a stroll.


By the way, summer vacation brings a lot of happiness and gifts every year and I get a chance to meet my near and dear ones and my relatives. Had it not been a holiday, it would have been difficult.

Before the end of the holiday, all the children come home and start studying.

Essay on Summer Vacation 600 words


There are four seasons in our country. Rainy, summer, and autumn and the four have different importance. Every season is for four months. There are twelve months in a year. But troubled by the rain and autumn, people were looking for something new in life.  In this way the arrival of the summer season. This season also includes spring season.

In this summer season, everyone goes to the hill station and spend time to avoid the terrible heat. All schools and colleges are closed. The children feel free at such times. And together with his parents and siblings, they enjoy the whole lot.

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