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My School Life Essay for class 10

Nowadays children are given essay writing on various topics in school. This improves his handwriting. The teacher gives children the work of writing every day. So I am writing essays on my school here.

School is an institution. It is either governmental or private. The school is a temple of education. Where one learns something.

Long and short essay on my school in English

Find here essays on My School in English language for students in different words like as 100, 150,200, 250, 300 and 450 words.

In this article, I am writing essays in different words on my School . You can choose the essay that you like best for yourself. We have tried very hard to write essays in simple and accurate language. In this essay I have highlighted the following topics. What is the importance of school in our lives? Why is the school necessary in our lives? What facilities are there in school? What is the structure of a school? What is the role of school in our life? Etc. has tried to highlight the subjects.

Essay on my school life for students and kids | 500+words English - Pxxstory

My School Essay 1 (100 words)

My school is 1 km near to my house. This is a two-storey building. The school is a temple of education. So this is a temple for me. After reaching school we first greet everybody with saying good mornings. Then all the children gather in the school courtyard and pray to God. The school’s peon continues to clean up already. They also clean all the classrooms.


After the prayer is over, all the children go to their classroom. And prepared according to their curriculum and wait for the teacher. The teacher comes just as the bell rings. And they start to read us. I like to go to school every day. We go to school by dress code and tie.


My School Essay 2 (150 words)

Education separates itself from humans and animals. My school is 3 km from my town. This is a magnificent building. A green tree is surrounded by it. I wear everyday white shirts and blue pants, ties, black shoes and socks. I like go to school everyday. My class teacher is very good and kind. My school is at a quiet place away from the crowd and pollution of the city. A good atmosphere of studies has been made here.


My school has green trees and there is also a park for children. Where we play. My school has all the facilities – such as a computer room, a science lab, a library, a large reading room and a large play ground. In which children play football, cricket and hockey. All the teachers in my school are highly educated. And they all are very hard labour and responsible. They pay very much attention to their subject. We children also support him.


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My School Essay 3 (200 words)


School is a temple of education. The way we all go to the temple every day, to worship God. In the same way we should go to school to learn something.


The building of our school is three-storey white colour. This building has a separate room for different sections. Some classes also have sections. There is a high wall around the school.


The school’s courtyard is very large. All tall trees on the four sides of the school are engaged in queues, which enhance the beauty of the school. And we get fresh air too.



The school also has a park, a playground, in which the children play in lunch breaks. There are 12 teachers in our school, who are very hard working. They do their work very responsibly. They maintain the school’s discipline. They all obey the Principal.

In school, we are given information related to all the subjects.

 We are taught about living cured. Children also follow the rules of the school with full honesty. And cooperate fully with the teachers. And complete the task given by the teacher.



My School Essay 4 (300 words)




Without school, we can never go ahead in life. Education separates us from the animal itself. What is the difference between a man and a animal?


Our school is 3 km from our house. There we go by school bus every day. There is a quiet atmosphere around the school. The garden is surrounded by the school. Thereby, we get pure air in the school. Behind the school there is a large playground. Where all children are played by sports teachers such as football, hockey, cricket, volleyball, lost lose etc. In school, we are taught good conduct.

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School Timing


In summer, school starts in the morning from 7:30 to 12 o’clock. While in the winter the school time starts from 10 to 4 a.m., lunch break is done for half an hours. In the lunch break, we go to all the libraries and read books of enlightening books and newspapers.





Our character is created from school. The Principal and all the other teachers also make all our subjects together with our character. Like-debate competition, sports, question-answer competition, speech on any subject, singing and dance competition etc. are taught.


Our school Character is formed. The birthday of great leaders in our school is also celebrated with great enthusiasm. We all have to say two words about those leaders.


Special attention is given to behaviour, cleanliness and restriction in our school. Most well-behaved, clean and timely students are also honoured with the award in the annual day festival. Our school teachers help us in all our work, as well as teach us to follow the rules.



My School Essay 5 (400 words)




The school can also call the temple of knowledge and art. Because we are taught here on topics such as social, physical and business. Without schooling, we can never go ahead.

An illiterate man always lags behind in the race for life. The importance of modern age education has increased.


Our School


Our school is a grand four-storey building. It is located in a quiet area very far from the population and crowded area. This school is a government school. This school has 20 rooms and a hall of the house. Apart from this, there are separate rooms for the headmaster’s office, teachers, reading room, library, girls’ sitting etc. in this school. There is a huge ground behind the school. Sports and various types of sports programs are provided by the sports teacher from time to time. There is a big compound around the school. There is bicycle parking, canteens and gymnasium in the compound.


There are a total of 1000 students with boys and girls in our school. All students are obedient and disciplined, they respect teachers. All the teachers from the school are trained. All those teachers are expert in their own subjects. They understand boys in simple and easy ways.


All the students of the school also participate in sports. Because of sports as well as sports, it is very important. Students of our school also participate in the tournament competition. And win.



Nowadays technology has also been practiced. That’s why computer has made very compulsory. Apart from this, there is also a science laboratory. There is also a library in our school. Whereas books are collections of books related to stories, poems and knowledge sciences.


There are many types of trees and plants in the school’s coutyard. It is equipped with fruits and flowers in queues. This enhances the beauty of the school.


Cultural programs in our school are happening from time to time. In those programs, we get an opportunity to participate. All the students participate in the programs like Republic Day, Independence Day, Teacher’s Day, Gandhi Jayanti, Tulsi Jayanti, Kabir Jyanti and the yearly festival of the school. It helps us develop qualities like honesty, patience, courage and mutual brotherhood.




The school is a temple for us, where we get to learn a lot. We should respect our teachers. And the desire for discipline and learning something in your life should be developed. Only then can we go ahead in life.

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