Essay on My pet Cat in 10 Lines for Children’

cat essay in English 10 lines

Essay on My pet Cat:- In this post we are writing an essay on cat for students and children’s.

  • Cat is a domestic animal.
  • People keep it with great love.
  • It is very cute.
  • It looks so cute.
  • Children like these very much.
  • Despite being cute, it is also dangerous.
  • Its eyes are very bright.
  • Because of which it also looks very beautiful.
  • Just as the scientific name of the dog is Canis Lupus familiaris, in the same way its scientific name is Felis cutus.

They have four legs, two eyes, two ears and two claws, with very sharp nails and a long tail. One eye is black, yellow and brown in any color which is very bright. Their eyes shine even in the night, that’s why it hunts itself in the night too. They have small hairs all over their body.

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In our India, cat is found in many colors like white, black, brown and pied etc. People keep it like a domestic animal, so it says everything in its food like rice, lentils, roti, milk, paneer, meat and fish etc.

It is very maneuverable and fast. She runs away even after hearing the slightest sound of her enemies. Their ears are very sharp, which can immediately hear the slightest fragrance. It wanders here and there in search of its food. They can easily come from this house to that house.

They love to rest. She always sleeps. This meow-meow sound comes out. Their voice is also very sweet. She is very intelligent. Cats are very intelligent. We loves cat hence pet it.

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