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Essay on My Best Friend for teacher and students। 500+ words English

My best friend – Do you know friendship? Have you ever thought about it? A friend is who live with me and the company all work. Whether it is home or school or college or playground. He always likes to live to be together. Because without a friend you cannot live alone. By the way, a true friend is very useful.

I am writing an essay about my best friend in different words which will be very useful for you and your children. It will be in 100, 200, 300, 400, and 600 words. You can choose as per your convenience.

Short and Long Essay on My Best Friend

My Best Friend Essay in 100 words

We lived in a civilized society. Humans are very good nature and they like to friend with others. But do you know friendship? Any guess.

A friendship is a relationship one that rises above the family relationship and plays an important role together. The relationship does not matter to him. They should just get the heart.

It has no limit and not depends on caste. If you get your heart from others then you be the friend him. There are no age bar and any boundation.

My Best Friend Essay in 200 words

Man is social and he loved to play each other’s happiness and grief. We love to love to help others. Perhaps it is friendship.

By the way, a friend is always ready to help their own friend. A friend is who always accompany you in happiness and grief. There are no bonds in friendship, such as social, family, relationship, caste, rich and poverty, etc.

It is a sacred relationship that has no value. Friendship when done, whenever meet the hearts of one another. You get a relationship.

Blood relation does not any matter in this. It last long on believes. The main basis of a friend is faith. The world depends on belief.

On the strength of this belief, we sacrifice everything for him. True friends always take care of your friend.

A true friend is always ahead. If a friend cries, he cries. If a friend is signed, he laughs. He has all his wet wrinkles.

My Best Friend Essay in English 300 words

Friendship plays an important role in our life. The modern age life has become so fast that we cannot live without friend’s whether boy or girl. He lives in a society and helps each other. Therefore we enjoy it as fun to help others. We help anybody not any caste bar.

It is a holy relationship. This relation is above all any other relations. This relationship is above the blood relation. No, any relationship can come in the way of this. The definition of friendship also says that it is a bond in which we forget everything and enjoy it.

My best friend is Payal. She meets with me 3 years ago at a fair. We never ask him about her caste until today. Just I like her behavior and affection. She always takes care of me very much. She takes care of my all activities like my good and bad habits.

I also take care of all his things. I always care about her good and bad habits and guide her for a better life. She always forbade me to do this don’t this and ahead in all my activities.

Our relatives and family know about me and Payal, they have no mind with our relation. I always go to her house and meet her parents. She is also doing the same.

There are many good benefits to good friends. It improved your character. We always positive and motivate her thoughts. Because she is a good girl and her thinking is to keep me more excited and positive. Friendship makes life perfect and a great blessing by God.

A good friend is a great gift by almighty God. If you have a best friend you can achieve your goal and lots of targets in our lives.   But now not available good friend maximum are cheaters. So we have to examine before accepting friends, anyone.

Essay on my best friend in English in 400 words

Man is social, he cannot live alone. His nature is to attract to each other, whether it is male or female. And this attraction increases slowly and slowly and becomes very close and then the foundation of faith becomes very strong. Then this intimacy converts into friendship.

Friendship did with the same age and sane category peoples but sometimes vice-versa. There are no age bar and caste and religion.

It is very important for life because we have many benefits from us. These help us in difficult times and always work for us.

Find below some benefit for us:-

This is a great gift given by God.

It removes a lonely life.

We get the right guidelines and advice.

I love Neha kumari very much. We felt friendship with her in class 8. She always saw me coming and going every day, perhaps her eyes were looking anyone for a friend.

She always sat ahead on the bench in the classroom. By suddenly we have got a chance to talk to her due to any reason.

And thus our talking grows every day. But now she is my best friend. She shares everything with me. She also discusses with me lots of matter. She has no boyfriend. We are a true friend.

Today’s a true friend never found. People become selfish today. They make friends to their work and forget when done. But we make real friends.

Both of our parents know us. They have no objection to our friendship. I got sick in a day. That day she kept awake all night and served me. She loves me very much.

She always helps me a lot during the examination time and makes all the important notes for me.

Conclusion:- Friendship is a precious gift of life. Everyone should be a good friend.

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