Essay on Education for Student and children 500+ word English

Essay on Education for Student and children 500+ word English


Man’s life is an invaluable gift of nature. Therefore it is very important to be educated or to understand the importance of education to understand the real importance of life.

Because life cannot be imagined without it. Education: A person develops the ability to think, understand, and learn about the good and the bad and he progresses in his life.

An essay on education is a very important subject for children. In schools and colleges, students are often given an essay competition on the subject. Keeping this in mind, we have provided essays on various words here, from which you can choose any essay according to your need and requirement.

Long and Short Essay on Education for students

Essay 1 (150 Word)

What is education? It is a medium through which we can know about anything in the world. If we are educated, then by knowing deeply about any problem, we can find the appropriate solution to it. Education is very important for every class. This is his right to birth. Without education, our life is useless and of no use.

If we are educated, we can develop our knowledge, wisdom, prudence, and courage even more. It is education that gives us the message to do something for the society and the country.

Education does not only mean a knowledge of books. An educated person is proficient in knowledge, common sense, and behavioral skills. He knows exactly what is right and what is wrong. Along with education, everyone should be skilled in practice.

In schools and colleges, children are given knowledge of education and many other subjects, so that they can develop physically.

Therefore, parents are concerned about children’s education since childhood. And it is striving for his children to get a good education so that he can succeed in his life.

Education is the Key to Success

Education Essay 2 (250 Word)

Can anyone tell what the difference between humans and animals is? Education is what separates humans from animals. Whatever work a human being does, an animal also does, so what? But there is a work an educated human does that an animal does not do. That is the perfect thinking, brotherhood, and skills. And tactful.

Education has many meanings. There is a huge difference between an illiterate and educated human being. The entire family of educated people, children are all educated and educated. He does everything in a planned manner. His behavior, living habits are better than all.

Family is the first school of Children. Then the children go to school, where the teacher tells them about education. And teaches all the topics related to education such as Hindi, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, and Civics.

Just like we need food, water and air for a living, education is very important for our life. Education plays an important role in our lives. It is the right of the common man to live. It is through education that we teach new ways of living.

If you take a good education, then many ways of your career are opened automatically. We can do the welfare of ourselves, society, and country only through education. Therefore, we should pay special attention to education. Only then can the welfare of the country, society, and humans.

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