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Elephant – Essay for Students and Children – 10 lines – Pxxstory

Elephant is an animal with a very large body on earth. It lives in a dense forest. Elephant is very liked for children.

I am writing essay for the support of children and students. Often schools are given paragraphs or essays for writing by teachers in schools. From time to time, children are assessed by teachers by essay writing. So we are writing different types of essays here. Students can choose any paragraph by themselves.

Essays on an Elephant: Long & Short

Elephant Essays 1 (100 Word)

Elephant is a mammal and found in the forest. Its body is very spacious. Its physical appearance is very different. It has four feet, which looks like a huge pillar. Its two huge ears are shaped like as soup. There are also elephant pets. There is also a long tail. And the eye also happens. Because some people maintain it. Some people adore it to ride it. Some people sell it to the circus company. And this elephants win hearts of everyone by playing games in the circus. Children ride on the hinge. The elephant eats the branches of grass and trees. Ki

Elephant Essays 2 (150 Word)

Elephant is a big and vast creature. It is found in the jungle. This elephant considers itself a very big animal.

Elephants are mainly seen in black and brown two colors. Elephant is a very dangerous animal. It lives in the jungle. If it comes in the residential area then there is a huge loss.

Elephants can be easily identified by you. It has four feet, which looks like a huge pillar. There are two big ears. Which looks like Patra in appearance. There is a long tail punch. It is a beautiful place. With the help of the beauty, it easily breaks its branches from the tree.

Elephant is a vegan animal. It eats green-green grass, tree branches in the forest. It has two teeth. There are different teeth to show its food. In the forest where water is the source, it remains the same.

Elephant Essay in 200 words

Elephants are the largest of all animals on the ground. It comes under the creature of the Elephantidae group. According to biologists, there are two species of Elephantidae throughout the world. There is a Loxodonta found in the dense forest of Africa. And the second species is called Alifs, which we can also call Indian elephants. It is a very big creature on earth. It gives birth to their babies in 22 months. Their average age is between 50 and 70 years.

Elephant is a vegan animal. And it moves with its flock. If these are different then the lion can make it a victim by attacking it. The lion invades the elephant’s child and makes his prey. They depend on the plant to remove their hunger.

The size of the elephant is about 8 to 10 feet. And its weight is about 11,000 kg.

By the way elephant has many colours, but it has been mainly seen in black and brown colour. This is a vegetarian creature. And it eats green-green soft grass, addresses, vegetation. It breaks the trunk from the trees through their own nourishment

Elephant Essay in 250 words

Elephants are heavy animals. It has four feet, one big head, two ears, two eyes and a long tail. It is afraid of a litter or a lizard. If a cheetah or a lizard goes inside it, then its life gets threatened. That’s why he always avoids these two. And smells with your sleep.

Two types of elephants are found in the world – African and Indian the Indian elephant is bigger than the African. It is found in Africa’s middle or dense forests. Asian elephants are found in the dense forests of Assam, Mysore and Tripura of India. Their color is usually black and brown, but the colour of the elephant found in Thailand is white.

Elephants are very smart animals. When it comes out in search of food in the jungle, then it flows into a herd. Because he knows that there is only strength in unity. By making elephants a pet, we can do our work by doing this, as in cities, children ride the elephant; it is used to carry goods etc. He spelles everyone by showing his feat in the circus.

Elephant is a devotee. This is very useful for us. It is about 80 to 100 years old. Their eyes are very small. So it’s helpless. Otherwise, this jungle raj was not a lion elephant.

It eats its own food. Green-green grass, husbands, eats crops and fill their stomach.

Elephant Essay in 300 words

Elephants have been considered the highest among all animals. It is also called Gajraj In the ancient times; the King Maharaja kept the elephant in the house. They used to ride it for their fondness. And used it during the war.

It is very popular for its giant body. Wild elephant is very dangerous. When the wild hand goes crazy, then there is a huge devastation in the nearby villages. People smash the house and destroy all the crops.

When there is a shortage of food in the forest, then it comes towards the village. The forest is being bitten. So now they come like a village or a city.

By taking elephant we can make it a pet animal. After making a pet, it becomes a devotee. Then you can do any work from it.

In the zoo or on the circus, this kind of game conquers the viewer’s heart. They love so much water, they love water. It shows a variety of feats in addition to bathing in water. It also comes to swim in the water.

The elephant is as intelligent and obedient as a monkey. He understands his master’s point of view.

The elephant has four feet like a pillar. Its length is like a rope. There is a huge head. It has two ears, which is very large, which is very large. Despite having such a huge animal, they have two small eyes. And its colour is gray.

Both male and female are in the elephant. It gives birth to babies too. Female elephant keeps the baby in her womb for 22 months. Elephants are very useful animals.

Elephant Essay in 400 words

Two species of elephant are found in the world. One is found in the dense forest of Africa. Asian elephants were found in the jungle of India, Sri Lanka and Verma. White elephants are found in Thailand.

The size of the elephant is 8 to 10 feet, and its weight is 13,000 kg. Its baby is 104 kg, which is equal to one cow or pig. Elephant is very smart in itself.

Its colour is dark gray and brown in colour. This is vegetarian. They eat grass, twigs and sugarcane, wheat, banana stems etc. And drink water of the river or pond. They find their food from the forest. Due to continuous harvesting of the forest, today the migrating to the elephant village or cities is happening.

Elephant is a useful animal for humans. Wood can be washed with elephants in the forests.

Any work can be done by training elephants. For example, different types of sports are displayed in the zoo or circus.

This is a huge mammal. It has four legs, which are very strong and like a column. They have two huge ears, which are shaped like soup. Their body is very heavy and big like a trunk called a trunk. They have two small eyes. The larger it is its body, but its eye does not. They do all the work from their trunk, such as food, lifting, drinking water, bathing, smelling, breathing etc.

Their skin is very thick, which protects it from borsa, cold and heat. These are very sensible beings, they are already in danger. And protects himself and your child.

The elephant is very quiet nature, when it gets annoyed, it starts to break. And crushed under his feet.

By giving birth to their own baby elephants, they also give their breast milk. This is a very useful animal. After its dying, many things are made from its skin and its teeth. This is very useful for us. Yet its species is becoming extinct. This is our national asset. It is the duty of all of us to protect it. It is also called Gajraj this is Ganesh Ji’s vehicle.

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