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Anant Chaturdashi festival essay for students in 500 words

Anant Chaturdashi 2020 Festival and importance story

The festival of Anant Chaturdashi has a very special significance in Hindus. They believe that with the grace of Lord Anant Dev, all their sorrows or miseries will come to an end and there will always be happiness and prosperity in their household life.

The festival of Anant Chaturdashi is celebrated on Chaturdashi day of Bhadra month. On this day, the troublemaker Lord Anant Dev, who is in the form of Hari, is worshiped. On this day, women and men take a resolution and wear a thread in their hand, which is of silk and cotton, and there are fourteen bales in that thread. This thread is held in the male right and female in his left hand. And ॐ Anantayanam: Worship Lord Vishnu by chanting mantras.



Anant Sutra has great importance, by performing Anant Chaturdashi festival and tying Raksha Sutra, all the misfortune in your life is averted, and your life is filled with happiness and prosperity. If you do worship the festival of Anant Chaturdashi with body, mind, and money then you will get rid of so many problems: –

  • Poverty will not pass around in your life,
  • Your wish will surely be fulfilled, which is sincerely sought,
  • Free will comes from houses and constellations.
  • You will be free from health and crisis like accidents.
  • Anant Sutra will act as a protective shield in your life.

Mythological stories related to Anant Chaturdashi

According to the famous Poranic text Mahabharata, when the Kauravas defeated the Pandavas in gambling with deceit. After that, the Pandavas had to abandon their royalty and go to exile.

And there he suffered a lot. Then one day Lord Krishna came to meet him. So Dharmaraja Yudhishthra asked him – Hey Keshav, what is the way to get out of this suffering and get the gazette again.

Then Lord Shri Krishna said – You should observe the fast of Shukla Chaturdashi of Bhadra month along with wife and all brothers and sisters and worship Lord Shri Anant Dev.

Dharmaraja Yudhishthira’s eagerness to know about the God of Anant appeared in the mind. So Shri Krishna said that Anant Dev is a form of Lord Bishnu. And in Chaturmas live on infinity on the bed of Sheshnag. Those who are beginning and end are not known; hence they are called Anant Dev. Their worship will end all your suffering.

On the advice of Lord Krishna, Yudhishthira, along with his family law, worshiped Lord Shri Hari on the banks of the river and wore the eternal sutra and thus he received back the gazette.

According to another legend story, a monk of Sumantunam lived in Satyayuga with his wife Diksha. His wife was a religious woman. He had a daughter named Susheela who was very gentle as her name.

Sumantumuni married daughter Susheela to Koundiniyamuni. When Kaundiniamuni was returning home from her in-law’s house with his wife Sheela, some women were seen worshiping the eternal God on the way along the river. Knowing the importance of the eternal fast, Sheela worshiped the infinite God with those women and took Anantasutra. As a result, in a few days, his house was full of money.

According to another story, Kaundinya Muni lived with his wife in a city. There was a lot of faith in his religious nature such as Puja-recitation and God. To avoid any crisis in his house, he had tied a defense in his left hand.

One day, the sight of Kaundinya Muni lying in Anantasutra tied in his wife’s left hand, on seeing which he got confused and he asked – Have you tied this thread to tame me?

Sheela politely replied – No, this is the holy thread of the eternal God. But, blinded by the wealth of wealth, Kaundinye Muni also misunderstood the right thing of his wife and broke that Anantasutra as a means of captivating the magic and mantra, and burnt it with fire.

Anant Dev was angered by such humiliation and all his possessions were destroyed and all his pleasures turned into misery, and he was compelled to wander one by one for his living.

When Kaundinya Muni realized this mistake, she decided to atone for her crime and went to the forest to ask forgiveness from the eternal God. What they found on the way, they used to ask for the address of Anantdev.

Even after searching a lot, when Kundinya Muni did not see the eternal God, he was disappointed and decided to give up his life. Only then, in the guise of an old Brahmin, the eternal God prevented him from committing suicide and took a cave and took a cave, and gave a darshan of Chaturbhuj Anantdev and ordered him that you have insulted the infinite formula.

And for its atonement, you will have to observe an infinite fast for fourteen years, and after the completion of this fast, you will regain your destroyed property and you will be happy and prosperous. Kaundinya Muni accepted this command with pleasure. Visited the quadrilateral Anant Dev. And in this way, all their sufferings were alleviated.

how to celebrate anant chaturdashi

Anand Chaturdashi celebrates the happiness and peace of his home. By doing this festival, all the crises and events run away. Because women worship Anant Chaturdashi for the happiness and prosperity of their family

  • Take bath early in the morning, after retirement.
  • Make sweet dish kheer-pudding etc.
  • Establish a Kalash in the courtyard of your house and climb a lotus flower and Dhurva grass in the Kalash.
  • Keep the idol and photo of Lord Shree Vishnu lying on Lord Sheshnag,
  • Keep anantasutra with 14 knots
  • Keep Rolli, Sandalwood, Dhup, Deep and Naivedh in Pujan material
  • Invoke Anantdev by lighting Dhup and Deep and chanting the mantra ॐAnantayanam: Continuous
  • Then pray to Lord Vishnu and listen to the whole story of him and finally perform aarti. After that, take the resolution from the mantra and tie the Rakshasutra.

In this way you will end the fast of Anant Chaturdashi and Anant Dev will be happy and fill your house with happiness and opulence. Finally provide food to the Brahmins, after this, eat the family food.

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