where there is a will there is a way essay

where there is a will there is a way

Essay about where there is a will there is a way

If you have a desire to do something then the path comes out automatically. If there is a strong resolution then no one can stop you from proceeding. The rock will also have to be removed from your road. And that will power helps you reach your goal.

A short paragraph on where there is a will there is a way

Where there is a will there is a way is very old proverb of Hindi and English. On this topic, children are given the essay or paragraph writing in the school. Or, such paragraph exams are often asked.

I am writing short essays, essays and paragraphs in different words in this article. You can take it according to your need.

Where there is a will there is a way essay 1 (100 Word)

Where there is a will there is a very popular proverb. You can take it as a motivation. This line means that if you have a desire to do something then you can definitely succeed.

If your vision is clear and you have strong power then success will make your move. You will get 101 percent success. But if you are lazy you do not have the courage to do anything then you cannot succeed any more.

From this paragraph we get a Sikh that we should work hard and work harder.

Desire to get something is not enough; we have to work actively in the right direction with strong will power.

If you accept anything with your mind and money, then your five senses start working automatically. That is why scholars have said rightly – you succeed only when you decide.

Where there is a will there’s a way story in English

Where there is a will there is a way essay 2 (250 Word)

Where there is a will there is a way creates the communication of energy within you. Our people of India, who have flown the mantle of their success, also wondered where one’s heart is troubled by one day – yes we will do it.

But let me tell you one thing that this voice comes from within you, when you are making a lot of misery, or any other thing is causing you much trouble. You must have taken this vow to get rid of him – yes we have to do this. We do not see this Bose’s face.

Wherever you want, there is a direct meaning of the path – if you wish to get some object, then you have to work hard. You have to fight the most. You have to go crazy about your dreams. When your neighbours say that your classmates start talking to you crazy

So the success of understanding is going to kiss your steps soon.

We do not have to compromise with our dreams. We have to keep our dream in front of our eyes, no one stole it or anyone stole it. No one steals your dreams.

The one who has decided this has succeeded. Take a look at the example of Abraham Lincoln, US President of the United States. He had lost elections 15 times, had become bankrupt in business. But he did not give up, and one day he became president of the United States. What are these lines that a poet has said –

Floors are found in those who have dreams in their dreams.

Where there is a will there is a way essay 3 (400 Word)

This thing is known to all that where there is a will there is a way , there is no way but nobody does it because it has to work very hard.

There is no word of impossible name in this world. The meaning of saying is that nothing is impossible on this earth. Only you should have the will and determination. If our intentions are strong like a rock, then no one can beat us. Our strong intent gives strength to move forward, until we achieve our goal.

If we want to get something or want to become something, which nobody has ever done, then you have to be tenacious and wealthy. You will have to face any trouble, only then you will get it.

Some people also look at others’ success, but they do not last long, because they lack the will power.

Despite the willpower, other things like discipline, continuity, dedication and patience are also the ultimate requirement. We have to work hard, we have to get up early in the morning, and with complete commitment, we will have to work longer than certain hours. We need to work continuously without just postponing things and waiting for the result. Do not make excuses for your hard work and never complain with your fate. And do not blame anyone at all. Those who accuse others are bullish.

We often fail, it will also have to take positive, only then will our intentions be strengthened.

If we have a desire to do something then things will work for us but we need to dedicate it to him. There will be some hurdles in the way but will power gives the certainty to win the goal. Desire is to do anything in life. 

Where there’s a will there’s a way paragraph

Sometimes a man cannot achieve anything by robbing everything he does. In this situation, every single point has to be checked well; maybe you are doing a blunder mistake at some place.

When you go to a good work, you will face many problems on your way: –

हाथी चले बाजार तो कुता भुके हजार


मुश्किलें दिल के इरादे आजमाती है, स्वप्न के परदे निगाहों से हटती है

हौसला मत हार गिर कर ऐ मुसाफिर, ठोकरें इंसान को चलना सिखाती है



जहाँ हर सर झुक जाए वही मंदिर है, जहाँ हर नदी मिल जाये वही समंदर है

ज़िन्दगी हर मोड़ पर एक युद्ध है जो हर युद्ध जीत जाये वही सिकंदर है

ईश्वर का दिया कभी ‘अल्प’ नहीं होता,जो टूट जाये वो ‘संकल्प’ नहीं होता,हार को लक्ष्य से दूर ही रखना,क्यूंकि जीत का कोई ‘विकल्प’ नहीं होता….

You do not seem to succeed in the first time. Many times it happens that you will have to fail 10 times for success, and then you will succeed in 11 times. You always have to remember this line: –

Failure is the pillars of success.

We must also keep in mind that for those things which are difficult to achieve, we have to work very hard and continuously. Humans have a lot of power inside; they can do whatever they want. Only the internal willpower, determination, dedication and the ability to work hard to sleep within you is to awaken.

In order to recognize our inner strength and to cross all the difficulties of the path and reach the goal, we have to develop such natural powers within us. We need to focus on our goal to win the ultimate victory, because where there is desire, there is a way.

Thirsty crow story:  based on where there is a will there is a way

Once upon a time, a thirsty crow was wandering around in search of water. His thirst continued to grow even as he continued to fly fast and continued to fly. He started thinking, “If I do not get water soon, then my death is certain.” She was thinking that only then she found a pitcher of water away.

He flew immediately and reached there and peeping in the jar. But there was water in it, but the water was so low that till it could not reach its beak. Seeing it, she became disturbed. He started looking around Maybe there is water in some other vessel, or perhaps some other pot can be found. But he did not notice that.

He desperately wanted to go from there only when his eyes went away to the pebbles falling from the pitcher to build a house at a distance. Looking at the stones, there was a thought in his mind. He went to the pebbles and put pebbles in his beak and put it in the jar. In the meantime, his hard work brought colour and water levels of the pitcher reached to the top. Now the crow could drink water very simply. He poured his beak into the pitcher and filled the water and drank water. And expired your thirst. And now she started feeling self-conscious. After some time he rested there and then flew away from there in search of food.

This gives us a moral ethics, which we can do whatever we want. Only we need to think positively.


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