Essays on mother’s day celebration in English for student

Essays on mother’s day celebration in English for student

Essays on mother’s day celebration in English for student

We are writing an essay about Mothers Day for children, kids and students .

Mother’s day, we all believe in dedicating to our mother. On this day, we all agree with great joy and glee. Mother’s Day observes on the second Sunday of May every year. On this day, we all repeat the glory of Mother and congratulate them.

Mothers day essay short and long

Every child loves his mother very much, why not and should be. On the occasion of Mother’s Day, children are asked to write essay by their teacher in school. In this article, we have written simple essays on Mother’s Day in different  types, from which you can choose any essay.

Mothers day essay 1 (100 words)

Mother’s Day is a very memorable day for the children and their mother. This day is very memorable for the students. For children, mother is very sweet. Mother’s day is celebrated in the memory of her, and what can be more happiness than this. This day is dedicated to all mothers around the world. This festival is celebrated on the second Sunday of May.

Children consider this day in front of their mother in their school or in their home. And to give love to this mother with love. Mother also lovingly touches the child’s head and gives blessings.

Essay 4 (300 words)

Every year in India, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May, the 12th of May. On this day, all the family members give gifts to the mother and give a lot of congratulations. Mother is present everywhere for us all the time. She takes care of us like a small child from her birth till her last moment. We cannot count their contributions to our lives.

Mother has a lot of responsibilities, she plays it continuously without stopping and without weary. She is the only person whose work is unlimited without any fixed time and work. We cannot return anything to him in return for his contribution, although we can say a big thank you to him and also pay attention to him with respect. We should give love and respect to our mother and obey everything they say. This day is a day of great happiness and happiness for both mother and children. Because the child presents some gift to his mother.

Mother’s day Essay 5 (400 words)

We live in the country of India. In our country, mother is very glorified. Woman is worshiped in our country. And when it comes to children, mother is everything for them. When children are born from the mother’s womb and from birth till the time she is alive, she loves her children a lot. A mother is a protective shield for her child. If her child ever becomes ill, she can do anything to cure it.

Mother’s Day is celebrated every year on 12 May. Children celebrate their mother by celebrating Mother’s Day, which she deserves. Mother’s Day or Mother’s Day is celebrated on different days in different countries. Mother’s Day is celebrated in the school premises or in a popular public place. There is not a big program on this day, but yes, there is a lot of decoration. All the students and teachers of the school together form this program.

In the school, there are programs for debate, essay writing, singing and running etc. for the development of children. And the winning student is rewarded from the hands of his mother. The mother also blesses her son with a hug. The entire atmosphere is filled with mother’s loveliness.

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Children also give a lot of gifts to their mothers. To our delight, Mother participates in many activities like dancing, singing, recitation, speech etc. in the school. We also participate in this festival in front of our mother and teacher (eg poetry recitation, essay writing, speech, singing, dancing etc.) and show our talent. Our mother brings a lot of delicious dishes to school with her. At the conclusion of the festival, enjoy the delicious dishes with her mother and teacher. Through our mother we get to eat a lot of dishes. Everyone eats and feeds together. And thus celebrate Mother’s Day.

My mother picks us up early in the morning, and also helps us with brush and bath. Again prepares breakfast and lunch for school. Also dress up, drop us to school, help with homework, eat on time, feed milk and fruits, give medicines at the right time when sick and make lots of delicious dishes, washing and ironing, home with us or Playing football in the field, putting it to sleep at the right time in the night, making good dinner and with lots of actions makes our life successful. In fact, we cannot calculate our mother’s daily activities. She does unlimited work for us throughout the day. She is only responsible for all the actions of all the family members. That is why we can say that mother is great for all of us.

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