Essay on Cow in English for kids and Students

Essay on Cow in English for kids and Students

The Cow is domesticated animal. She is very useful for us and humanity. Other words she is a great use of all humanity. She also play a vital role in Hindu mythology.

In this post we are write some long and short essay for the my readers.

In the school are given to write an essay on the cow in such types. By keeping in mind the various classes we have here: writing different types of essays:-

COW ESSAYS (in 100 Words)       

The cow is a domestic animal, which is also called cow-mother or Gau-mata. Gau-Mata is a pragmatic animal for Hinduism. Everyone in the villages pet a cow. Pet a Cow has great and many benefits.

The cow is a household and a pet animal and it is very useful for us. Because it gives milk for us, which is full of nutritious.

COW ESSAYS  (in 150 Words)  

The cow is our mother. We consider cow to be mother. The cow is Lakshmi. We bow to the cow and seek blessings. It is a four-legged mammal.

The cow is a very big animal. Cow is found in all parts of the country. It has four feet, a long tail, a nose, two ears and one eye and big head. This green grass grows. The cow is a devotee. It comes home automatically. When it is thirsty, he goes into the pond and drinks water.

The cow gives the calf. Its milk is healthy. Its milk becomes healthier by drinking the child, the sick and the patient. That’s why cow is a very useful animal for us. We should also take care of the health of the cow. To keep it, clean cowshed should be given. Where there is no dirt and airy.

Essay on Cow in 250 words for students

Cow is a family and social animal. It is found everywhere in India. It has four leg, two eyes, a long tail, two horns, a long stomach and a long neck. She looks like as a giant animal. Hinduism gave her a respect like a mother. Because mother takes care of children, so she cares for us.

People of every regions of society maintain it. Because there is a lot of benefits for pet her. She gives us milk it is very nutritious for my health. Her milk is full of all vitamins. If a sick man drinks her milk it will be strong soon. Doctors always advice to patience and sick man to drink cows milk regularly.

She gives us dung, which is very useful for fertile for farming. Which is used to burn to cook food in the oven?

It is very domestic and pet animal and great faithful. It goes to grazing itself and comeback to own home. She grazes green grass and green leaves. She take care of own calf.

Some peoples pet for their professionalism. and trade its milk.

Cow dung is best compost. Compost increases the fertility of the field. And crop crops arise.

It is found in many species all over the world. But jersey is the most costly and more milking in them, but is very difficult to keep it. It is mainly found in four colours such as black, white, brown and white brown mix.

It is a vegetarian animal. It adapts automatically to any environment. She conceives at the time of birth and gives birth to a calf after nine months. Which becomes a big bull and farmers use it for ploughing the field. Therefore, we look at it with respect.

Essay on COW in 300 words  

We believe Cow-mata in Hinduism. We believe that the deity is residing on it. She is a simple animal. She is a female animal. Farmers sit in villages of India and at least are needed in every farmer’s house. Because they believe that drinking its milk, the children’s brain is fast and healthy.

She is a pet and domestic animal. It is very easy to cure. It live a small places. It eats green-green grass. She himself comes home after grazing from fields. We do not have to worry about taking care of it.

The cow gives the calf, which increases the bull by which we can plow our fields. And if the cow lays down, then he and another cow are ready.

Cow’s milk is sick-free. Cow’s milk is very beneficial for health. The cow is a goddess, there is god in it.
Guy Rogan gives two times milk. Many farmers also spend their homes by selling cow’s milk.

We should also pay attention to the health of the cow. It should be kept in a clean place, where mosquitoes are not.
The cow is found in many forms and colors. But primarily: black, white, coffee and pies etc. are found in colors. The cow ducks. The cow recognizes the voice of its owner and listens.

COW ESSAYS (in 400 Words)       

The cow is considered as a pet and useful animal. Almost all the farmers feed the cow. The cow considers cow to be mother and it is called cow-mother. The cow is worshiped as a mother.

Raising a cow is very beneficial. The baby gives the baby after 12 months after raising the cow. There is no need to carry much more to breed the cow. If the cow’s calf is calf, then another cow is ready and if it gives a calf, then it is useful for ploughing plaque.

The cow gives us milk twice a day. Just like cow gets dose, so it gives us milk. The milk of cow is also made from butter, curd, cheese and various types of sweets. Cow gives cow dung. Cow dung is considered very good. From the cow’s dung we are clamped to our home-courtyard, and then it is purified. According to the belief of Hindu religion, before any auspicious work is done, cow’s dung is leaked. In Worship-Text etc., the milk of the cow is purified only after assuming it as pure. The festival is celebrated in the Tee Festival by the cow’s ghee. The cow’s ghee gets very expensive. Due to the cow’s ghee, Cough etc. ends the disease.

Cows are used to burn dung. Fertilizers are made from cow’s dung and urine, which is put on our farm, the farm yields increase manifold yields.

The cow is a large body animal. Due to the death of cow, its leather, belt etc. are made. And buttons are made from its bones.

Medicines are made from the mouth of the cow, which drinks stomach worms die.

Cow maintenance is also very easy. It can also be kept in a clean empty place. You do not have to give sweets and sweets every day to eat it. The green fields of cow will be grazed by the fields.

Today the condition of the cow in our country is very severe. The cow has become a politics animal. A politician has become dead. Nowadays the cow is being bitten. The meat of the cow is being sold at the place of place. This is a very curse. We must protect the cow. Cow is our mother; it is our duty to protect it.

God also keeps the cow. The caste of cow is Kamdhenu, which God holds. Even when Lord Krishna was born in a human incarnation in Mathura, he also used to drink milk of cow and used to steal butter and say, The poet, Suradas, depicted the form of God with very good


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