Holi Festival essay in English 500 words for students

Holi Festival essay in English 500 words for students
Holi Festival essay in English 500 words for students
Holi Festival Essays in English

Holi Festival 2020 :- Holi is the festivals of colours. It adds a colour in everyone lives. In this festival peoples forget all mutual discrimination and enemy and celebrate this festival with great enthusiasm and happiness.

This is the summer season festival. Holi Festival is celebrated every year in the month of March after that the New Year begins. It is the great Hindus and Indian festival. Farmers celebrate holi after cut all crops.

In this festival they throw different types of colours and gulal on each other’s and enjoy happily. This is starts eight days ago which is called Holashtak.

Holi is celebrated every year on the full moon day of falgun Month. One day before Holika dahan is celebrated. After next is dhuleti and afterward is colours day, in which throw and play with colours.

After Holika dahan morning many people’s gathered one place after make a group and playing dholak and jhaal and sing a song and dance. Everyone goes from one house to another and asking money and pakwan and eat and feed one to another.

Therefore it is a very pleasant and charming atmosphere. All are seen running away from each other. Play with mud on each other. In afternoon starts play with colours. Some are goes to everyone homes and play with colour and gulal. They pranam the elders by touching their feet and loves the younger ones.

In the evening all are gathered a public palace where Holi Milan ceremony is held.  Therefore everyone hugged each other’s and throw colour and gulal and farewell this festival.

In this festival, people embrace everyone. There is no enmity all are forget. This festival is a celebration of colours. It adds colour to your sad life.

Holi festival history and legend behind

Holi is the famous and colourful festivals of every Indians Hindu. There are many religious and mythological stories are based on it. Hiranyakashyap and prahlad story is one of them.

Hiranyakashyap and prahlad story

Once upon a time a demonking hiranyakashyap ruled .  He got boon by doing penance many years. After received boon, he become ambitious wanted spread his empire . Therefore resorted to unrighteousness.

His eldest brother Hiranyakashipu is killed by Lord Vishnu. Therefore he wanted to take revenge. Therefore he becomes a staunch enemy of Lord Vishnu. He knows that in sanatan dharma deities received power by Yagnas and prayers. So stopped all religious work in his kingdom. Who worship God otherwise kill him.

He announced that your God is Hiranyakashyap not Vishnu and whoever does not accept it will be killed.

Unfortunately his son prahlad who was the ultimate devotee of Lord Vishnu. He always chanted the name Ohm Namah Bhagwate Vasudevaya. Hence he was very disappointed with because told to everyone as a God but her son does not. But his enemies name was taken in his house.

He told his son did not do this but all in vain. Then he ordered to his soldiers to throw him down from the peak of the mountain. The soldiers did the same but God saved his life.  Similarly he was tortured many times in different ways. But every times God saved his life.

Holika is the sister of HIranyakashyap. she got a shawl in boon from God which had no effect on the fire. Holika covered the shawl and sat with prahlad in the fire. But the grace of almighty God a great storm came and shawl flew off and cover to prahlad. Hence holika was burnt and prahlad’s life saved.

  Celebration of Holi 2020

Holi celebrated on Monday 10th March 2020. In north India this festival celebrated specially. Before one day all t peoples gathered one place for the Holika Dahan it is symbol of burning of all evils. And burn the heap of wood straw etc.

They sing a ritual song and dance beating a drum surrounding the burning fire. Some put coconut wheat prasaad etc in the burning fire. Some are bringing pakwan from their home and distribute it to everyone and eat them.

Next day is dhulendi this day all play with mud and dust. Next day is holi in this day children go to the every house with a picket and throw colour. Some are goes to every one house and take blessing with seniors and rub with gulal and touch his feet. Various types of dishes are prepared on this day and distribute and eaten with prosperity.

Importance of Holi Festival

This festival fill colour in my life. Festivals give a great motivate in our life. But holi festival is unique festival in this burn the all evils. Good prevails over evil. Truth prevails over false. Unrighteousness perishes. Everyone forget their mutual differences and play Holi become as friends. It is the festivals of colours. This festival brings new zeal and new enthusiasm in our daily life. School-colleges and government and private offices are closed in this day. Government declared official holidays.

Lord Krishna plays Holi in braj with mikwomens. Lathmal holi and famous in Barsane and Nandgaon. Many regions of India play holi in different ways. This is celebrated in all regions in India. Nepal and marishos also celebrated this festival. Holi is plays the entire world where Indian lived.

Holi is the festival of happiness in other hand it also has evil. Some people also take revenge with this festival.

Some wanton people do dirty acts on women they abuse them profusely. Some anti social turn happiness into tragedy. Some are mixed chemical in your colour and rub on your faces then the social atmosphere become bad.

Conclusion: – Therefore we request to my brothers and friends you do not do so.  This festival brings brotherhood and harmony in our life. Out all negativity things from our minds and be positive. Its symbol is triumph of good over the all evils.

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