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Current Affairs 3 April 2019

Q.1, President Abdelaziz Boutflika resigned from his post, from which country?
a) Cairo
b) argentina
c) Algeria
d) Somalia
Ans: – (c) Algeria

Explanation:- Abdelaziz Boutflika is the President of Algeria, who resigned from his post. He has resigned from the post with immediate effect in the face of massive street protests against his 20 year rule. After a stroke affair in President Boutfalica 2013, after a very low public view, after the decision to take the fifth term, it came under very high pressure. And due to this political pressure they had to resign.
Q.2, Which country will host the Cricket World Cup in 2023?
a) New Zealand
b) India
c) Dubai
d) South Africa
Ans: – (b) India
Daily Affairs General Knowledge Question and Answer

Explanation:- India will host ODI World Cup in 2023. This will be the 13th edition of the World Cup. This information has been announced by the BCCI after its Special General Meeting. This will be the first time that India will host back to back two major ICC tournaments. India has hosted the first three World Cup tournaments earlier in the year. In 1987, 1996 and 2011, the World Cup was played in India, in 2011, India won the ODI and 28 years later and won the ODI World Cup.
Q.3, which social networking site has recently closed?
a) Instagram
b) Google Plus
c) Facebook
d) Other
Ans: – (b) Google Plus
Explanation:- Google closes its social networking site Google Plus. From this, Google has taken this decision after the disclosure of data in the private data of the user of about 5 lakh accounts. Google took this decision after the data leak case in 2018.

Current affairs April 2019

Q.4, When we celebrated Earth Power Day 2019?
a) March 24
b) March 28
c) March 30
d) March 31
Ans: – (a) March 24
Explanation:- Earth Power Day was celebrated on March 24, 2019 in March 2019 This day is appealed to all people around the world, you keep the lights off for one hour. Use more solar power than you can. The main purpose of Earth Power Day is to save electricity. Earth Power is a campaign run by World Wide Fund which aims to make people aware about electricity and the environment.
It started with Sydney in Australia in 2007 and has become popular all over the world.
Q.5, Saurabh Ghoshal became the first Indian male squash player to enter the PSA World Ranking?
a) Top 5
b) Top 10
c) Top 12
d) None
Ans: – (b) Top 10
Explanation:- Squash: Saurav Ghosal became the first Indian to enter the top 10 of the PSA World Rankings. Ghoshal recently made it to the quarterfinals of the 2018-2019 PSA World Championship and grasshopper cup.
Q.6, Who will be the first country to launch 5G in the world?
a) China
b) South Korea
c) America
d) India
Ans: – (b) South Korea
Explanation:-South Korea will be the world’s first country to start the 5G service. In order to start the 5G service first, there was a competition in South Korea, China and America. In the US, telecom company Verizon will launch the 5G service in two cities on April 11. In China, its trial began in selected cities.
Q.7, which state is the highest in e-learning training for field staff?
a) Chhattisgarh
b) Telangana
c) Delhi
d) Himanchal Pradesh
Ans: – (b) Telangana
Explanation:- In e-learning training, the state of Telangana has reached number one after reaching 20,000 field workers during 2018-19. Director General of the Institute BP Acharya said that during the last two years, more than 40, 000 field staffs belonging to different departments were trained in the state, to achieve a new milestone in achieving the goal of ‘training for all’ Prove it.

Daily current affairs quiz

Q.8, where did ISRO open the gallery for its audience?
a) Bangalore
b) Andhra Pradesh
c) Sriharikota
d) Other
Ans: – (c)) Sriharikota
Explanation:-Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) opened its doors for ordinary citizens for the first time on Monday. Because of which thousands of people have seen the MS satellite launch launch live from Satish Dhawan Space Center (SDSC) Sriharikota. For this, a stadium-like gallery with a capacity of five thousand spectators was prepared in the SDSC. There were two launchpads in front of this gallery, where the views of rocket launch can be easily seen.
On Monday, PSLV C45 was launched at 9.27 AM from Sriharikota. Along with this, 28 foreign satellites were established in different classes of Earth. The location from which the satellite has been launched is located 100 kilometers from the northern Chennai.
On the lines of NASA, ISRO allowed ordinary citizens to see the view of rocket launch.
Q.9, World Autism Awareness Day is celebrated?
a) 31st March
b) 2 February
c) April 1
d) 1 Januri
Ans: – (b) 2 February
Explanation:- Every year on April 2, World Autism Awareness Day is celebrated all over the world. On April 2, 2007, the United Nations General Assembly declared this day as World Autism Awareness Day. Autism encourages United Nations member states to raise awareness of children and adults around the world.
Q.10, Who won the John Dirks Canada Gairdner Global Health Award?
a) Vikram Patel
b) Sanjay Basoya
c) Deepak Khurana
d) Other
Ans: – (a) Vikram Patel
Explanation:- Vikram Patel conferred the John Dirkas Canada Gerdner Global Health Award. Each year, seven Canadian Gerdner Awards are awarded to honor the world’s most important biomedical and global health researchers. John Durks Canada Gardner Global Health Award recognizes contribution to health in the developing world.

Daily affairs April 2019

Q.11, which country has recently joined the ISA?
a) Israel
b) Bolivia
c) Ghana
d) Other
Ans: – (b) Bolivia
Indian and Bolivia signed eight MoUs in different areas including culture and medicine on Friday (local time) and became a member of ISA (International Sollar Alliance). Bolivia Capital – Sucré, President-Evo Morales, Currency- Bolivian Boliviano.

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