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Current Affairs Daily GK 29 March in one line in English

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Daily Current Affairs in one line

Q.1, Three banks will merge from April 1, choose the correct pair?
a) Bank of India, Vijaya Bank and Bank Deena
b) Bank of Baroda, Vijaya Banak and Deena Bank
c) State Bank of India, Deena Bank and Vijaya Bank
d) None of these.
Ans: b) Bank of Baroda, Vijaya Banak and Deena Bank
Explanation:- Prior to the merger of Vijaya Bank and Dena Bank in Bank of Baroda (BOB), it has decided to infuse Rs 5,042 crore in Bob. Its aim is to make the third largest bank after State Bank of India (SBI) and ICICI Bank. Modi government announced the unification of government banks in 2016, keeping in view the growing NPA of banks. Under this, the government plans to reduce the number of banks to make big banks.


Q.2, IPL 2019 Sunrisers Hyderabad defeated Rajasthan Royals by how many runs?
a) 5 runs
b) 5 wickets
c) 15 runs
d) 15 wickets
Answer: (b) 5 wickets
Explanation:-2019 IPL RR vs SRH In the eighth match of the IPL, Sunrisers Hyderabad defeated Rajasthan by 5 wickets on their home ground to win the first win of this season. Hyderabad won the match for 199 runs in this match, which was achieved by the team on the brilliant half-century of David Warner. In this match Rashid Khan gave his team a victory in Hyderabad. Hyderabad scored 201 runs for five wickets in 19 overs.
Q.3, What is the name of ISRO’s Ex-Chairman?
a) Sitaram Yechury
b) Ajit Doval
c) Madhavan Nair
d) None
Ans (c) Madhavan Nair
Q.4, Where is the Kartarpur corridor and why is it famous?
a) Islamabad
b) Narolam District, Kartarpur, Punjab, Pakistan
c) Rawalpindi
d) Karachi
Ans: (b) Narol district, Kartarpur, Punjab, Pakistan
Q.5, Recently known Sonia Dhawan is associated with which?
a) Kidnapping
b) Murder
c) Ransom
d) Counterfeit
Ans: (c) Ransom
Explanation: Sonia Dhawan, accused of seeking ransom from Seftbank funded company Paytm founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma, is associated with RTI.

Daily Current Affairs Quiz

Q.6, when will the next census be conducted in India?
a) 2019
b) 2020
c) 2021
d) 2022
Ans: (c) 2021
Explanation:-The next census in India will be done in 2021 Except the snow-affected areas of Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand, the base date for the census will be one March 2021 at 12 pm.
Q.7, What was India’s population According to 2011 census, ?
a) 100 Cr
b) 110 crores
c) 121 million
d) 115 million
Ans: c) 121 crores
Explanation:-India’s last census was conducted in 2011 and then the population of the country was 121 million.
Q.8, Mangal Pandey is known, what were they?
a) Actor
b) Political
c) Freedom fighter
d) Rebel
Ans: (c) Freedom fighter
Explanation:-On March 29, when a soldier from 34th Bengal Native Infantry in Barrackpore Cantonment in Bengal attacked Mangal Pandey, two British officers at Parade Ground and then injured themselves and also injured himself. After this, the British hanged Mangal Pandey on April 7, 1857.
It is also worth mentioning that the local hangers had refused to hang the Brave Saput of India’s mother like Mangal Pandey. After this, Mangal Pandey was hanged from Calcutta by calling the four hangers.
Q.9, What is the name of the film made on Ayodhya dispute, which was banned by the Supreme Court?
a) Ram Janmabhumi
b) Ram Ki Janambhoomi
c) Saavdhan India
d) None of these
Ans (b) Ram Ki Janambhoomi 
Explanation:- The Supreme Court refused to hear an urgent hearing on Thursday demanding a ban on Ram’s birthplace on the Ram Janmabhoomi controversy. Court said that there is nothing to do with the ongoing mediation process to find out the solution of the film’s Ayodhya dispute. There is no restriction on the film at the moment. The film is going to be released on Friday, March 29.
Attorney Lily Thomas said that the release of the film may affect the ongoing mediation process in the Ayodhya case, in which case the court should stop the release of the film till the arbitration proceedings take place. But the bench rejected the demand and said that the release of the film has nothing to do with the mediation process.
Q.10, why is Nirav Modi popular in media?
a) Defaulter
b) Skammer
c) Bank fraud
d) Lootera
Ans: (c) Bank fraud
Q.11, Who is the writter of ? “इत्र तुम्हारी शर्ट का: अब मैं बूंदो से दोस्ती करूंगी, पुरवैया मेरी सहेली बन गई है”
a) Ramdhari singh Dinkar
b) Nivedita Dinkar
c) maithali sharan gupt
Ans: (b) Nivedita Dinkar
Q.12, Namver Singh died on March 29, who was he?
a) Senior Literary and Critical
b) Literature
c) Critic
d) Well-known writer
Ans: (a) Senior Literary and Critical
Explanation:-Senior writer and critic Namwar Singh died at 92 years of age.

Q.13, What is Mission Shakti?
a) Camera
b) satellite
c) Machine
d) missile
Ans: (b) satellite
Explanation:-Protecting the property of the country in space. Today, in India, the name has been named as ‘Space Power’. So far, Russia, America and China had this status, now India has achieved this feat. He told that our scientists have killed a live satellite in the LEO (Low Earth Orbit), 300 km away in space. This live satiteite, which was a predetermined target, has been killed by anti-satellite missiles (A-SAT).

Let us know that only 3 of the world’s countries had this power. Now India has this strength too. India has become the fourth country with space power. Previously, there was the name of America, Russia and China in the list of space power.
What is Mission Shakti?
Indian scientists have killed a satellite of Lo Earth Orbit 300 kilometers away. The satellite targeting that India has killed was a predetermined goal. This target has been hacked by the AAT (Anti-satellite) missile. This mission has been completed in just three minutes. Mission power was a very difficult mission. This has enhanced the technical capacity of India. India tested the first anti-satellite missile system, which is named Mission Power

After this achievement, it is possible to attack your enemies through space too. These achievements in the event of war will make India a big success. This mission has been completed by both ISRO and DRDO. India has sent a message to China through this successful test. Because Pakistan has no such power. At the same time, Asia still had the power with China.
What happens is Low Earth Orbit
Low Earth orbit is used for telecommunication. This orbit is 1200 miles from Earth’s surface that is about 2 thousand kilometers high. In which the Lo Finance Orbit Satellite is present. These satellites are used primarily for data communication. Simply put, these are the ones used in the use of email, video conferencing and paging service. These satellites move at a faster pace and they do not fix any one of these places. Leo based telecommunications is used primarily in developing countries.
What were the challenges of this mission
The biggest challenge of this mission was that these satellites move at very high speed and there is no fixed position. During this mission, India has targeted the live satellite using the A-SAT missile. To defeat this target, it is necessary to calculate long wider.

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