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Current Affairs Daily General Knowledge 30 March 2019 English
Current Affairs

Current Affairs Daily General Knowledge 30 March 2019 English

Current affairs 30 March 2019 bankersadda

Current Affairs is a part of the study material. And if your current affairs are complete, then the result of the exam is in your hands. Whether you are preparing for any exam.

Q.1, what is the full form of BRI?
a) Belt Road Indian
b) Belt and Road Initiative
c) Belt and Road Form
d) None
Ans: (b) Belt and Road Initiative
Explanation:-China has claimed the presence of 100 countries in its Belt and Road Forum program. Over the coming months, the forum has said that more than 100 countries, including representatives of 40 countries, will participate in this. Among them are Russian President Vladimir Putin and Pakistani PM Imran Khan. In the meantime, though, India has once again indicated the boycott of the Belt and Road Forum. India has also crossed the border in the first forum organized in 2017. The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor under China’s Belt and Road Project, passes through Pakistan-Occupied Jammu and Kashmir on which India has objection.
Q.2, what is the full form of CPEC?
a) Capital Profit End Condition
b) China Pakistan Economic Corridor
c) Colombo Pakistan Economic Commission
d) None of these
Ans: (b) China Pakistan Economic Corridor
Q.3, Who was awarded the Martha Farrel Award from 2019?
a) Suhel Tandon
b) Manu Gulati
c) Seema Garg
d) Other
Ans: (b) Manu Gulati
Explanation:-A teacher of Delhi Government School, Manu Gulati was conferred the Martha Pharrell Award in the Most Promising Individual category for efforts to enable gender-neutral society by coaching boys and girls in schools in Delhi.
Q.4, who is the author ofEvery Vote Count Book”?
a) Hamid Ansari
b) Rishabh Pant
c) Navin Chawla
d) Other
Ans: – (c) Navin Chawla
Q.5, where is the longest salt cave discovered in the world?
a) China
b) Australia
c) Israel
d) Japan
Ans:- (c ) Israel
Explanation:-Israeli explorers have discovered the longest cave in the world near the Dead Sea. The length of this cave going through Mount Sodom of Israel is more than 10 kilometres. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem gave this information on Thursday. Earlier, Iran had the world’s longest salt cave record. Mount Sodom is Israel’s longest mountain. The name of this cave is named Malham.
Prime Minister of Israel- Benjamin Netanyahu, President-Reuven Rivlin, Capital- Jerusalem, Currency- Israeli new shekel
Q.6, who wrote the book “Indian Federal Federalism”?
a) Y V Reddy
b) G Reddy
c) Both (a) and (b)
d) Other
Ans: c) (a) and (b) both
Explanation:-Chairman of India’s 15th Finance Commission, N.K. Singh has enumerated the book “Indian Fiscal Federalism”. The book was former Governor of the Reserve Bank of India and Chairman of India’s 14th Finance Commission Dr. Y. Dr. G. Reddy and Advisor (Finance), Government of Telangana. R. Reddy has written jointly. But N.K.Singh released this book.
Q.7, what is the rank of IGI airport?
a) 10
b) 12
c) 16
d) 17
Ans: (b) 12
Explanation:-According to the Airports Council International (ACI), according to the Traffic Ranking of the initial World Airport of 2018, Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGIA) of New Delhi, ranked 12th from 2017 to the busiest airport, reached number 12 in 4 ranks Increased.
On the basis of traffic ranking, on the basis of commuters, the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (US) topped the list of the busiest airports in the world, followed by Beijing Capital International Airport (China) and Dubai International Airport (UAE).
Q.8, who was Ranger Roger?
a) Politician
b) Actor
c) Singer
d) Other
Ans: (c) Singer
Explanation:-Singer Ranger Roger died at the age of 56 on the music band ‘The Beat’. It was a Hollywood singer and he passed away at an early age. His original name was Roger Charlie. He was suffering from lung cancer and two brain tumors. Roger founded The Beat in 1978 in Birmingham.
Q.9, which award was conferred to Amartya Sen by the Oxford University?
a) Peace prize
b) Bodle Medal Award
c) Academy Award
d) Other
Ans: (b) Bodle Medal Award
Explanation:-Amartya Sen received the medal from the University Vice Chancellor Lord Patton of Burns and Bodellian Richard Owenden. Nobel Prize-winning economist Amartya Sen was honored by the prestigious Bodellale College of Oxford University, before this honor has met many people like Physicist Stephen Hawking, World Wide Web’s founder Tim Burns Lee.
Q.10, who was made Deputy Chief Minister of Goa?
a) Lakshman Sawant
b) Pramod Sawant
c) Manohar Ajgaonkar
d) Other
Ans: – (c) Manohar Ajgaonkar
Explanation:-Manohar Ajgaonkar, who joined Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) from Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party (MGP), has now been made Deputy Chief Minister of the state. Earlier, he was the Minister of Tourism. Please tell that Ajgaonkar joined the BJP on Wednesday leaving MGP with Deepak Pavaskar.
Q.11, which country’s Prime Minister flew by the IAF aircraft recently?
a) Russia
b) Japan
c) Malaysia
d) Oman
Ans: (c) Malaysia
Explanation:-During the Lima 2019 exhibition, the Prime Minister of Malaysia Mr. Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammed was flying from Indian Air Force.
Country: Malaysia, Capital : Kuala Lumpur, Currency: Ringgit
Q.12, is the world’s highest polling station located in Taashig?
a) Assam
b) Uttarakhand
c) Himachal Pradesh
d) Chhattisgarh
Ans: (c) Himachal Pradesh

Explanation:-Himachal Pradesh’s village Tashing, now situated at an altitude of 15,256 feet, is now the world’s highest polling station. This village is situated at a distance of 29 km away from the Indo-China border.
Himachal Pradesh’s capital – Shimla, Chief Minister-Jayaram Thakur, Governor-Captain Singh Solanki
Q.13, India has compromised with South Korea?
a) Peace settlement
b) Trade agreement
c) in the area of startup
d) None
Ans: (c) In the area of startup
Explanation:-India and South Korea approved the agreement on start-up cooperation this agreement will boost cooperation among the start-up companies of the two countries.
South Korea’s Prophecy – Moon Jae-in, Prime Minister-Lee Nak-yeon, Capital – Seoul, Currency-South Korean Won.
Q.14, which place in India for the launch of Anti-Satellite Weapon?
a) First
b) Other
c) Third
d) Fourth
Ans: (d) Fourth
Explanation:-Anti Satellite Weapon is a weapon that is used to disable or destroy satellites for strategic military purposes of any country. So far no such weapons have been used in any war. However, many countries consider such a missile system as necessary to demonstrate their abilities in space and continue their space program at smooth speed.

So far, three countries of the world, the United States, Russia and China had this ability. India has entered the club as the fourth country in the world.
Q.15, Law Justice and Judicial Power Who wrote the book?
a) Ranjan Gagoi
b) P N Bhagwati
c) Original Chand Sharma
d) Other
Ans: (c) Mool Chand Sharma

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