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Current affairs 5 April 2019 General knowledge daily updates

Current Affairs 5 April 2019 is presented for you and all of you. Which I have chosen from my precious treasure. These Current Affair 5 April 2019 will ressolve complete solution your bank exams and general knowledge. This is a repository of knowledge, this daily update will be very useful for preparing your exams. Read in Hindi language click here.

Current affairs 5 April 2019

Current Affairs 5 April 2019 is presented for you and all of you. Which I have chosen from my precious treasure. This Current Affair 5 April 2019 will resolve complete solution your bank exams and general knowledge. This is a repository of knowledge; this daily update will be very useful for preparing your exams.
Q.1, what level meeting was held between India and Italy?
a) 5th
b) 6th
c) 7th
d) Other
Ans: – (c)
Explain:- A meeting of 7th Foreign Office Consultations was organized between India and Italy in New Delhi. In which the Indian side was led by Secretary (West) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. A. Geetesh Sharma. In which the main objective was to provide an opportunity to review follow-up action after the visit of Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte in October 2018 as well as the entire series of bilateral relations.
Q.2 who is the current Prime Minister of Italy?
Ans: – Giuseppe Conte
Q.3, who is the current President of Italy?
Ans: – Sergio Materrella
Q.4 were is the capital city of Italy?
Ans: – Rome (Rome)
Q.5, what is the currency of Italy?
Ans: – Euro (Euro)
करंट अफेयर्स 5 अप्रैल 2019 जनरल नॉलेज इन हिंदी: Current Affairs
Q.6, which company has sold its enemy stock of 1150?
a) Wipro
b) TCS
c) Reliance
d) Other
Ans: – (a) Wipro
Explain: – The government sells the Enemy Shares, the Rs 1,150-crore Indian Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) and two other government insurance companies to the IT Company Wipro. According to information available on this deal on the Bombay Stock Exchange, the Custodian of Enemy Property for India has sold more than 4.43 crore shares of the company at a rate of Rs 258.90 per share.

What did the government get?
According to the stock exchange, these shares have been sold to LIC and General Insurance and The New India Assurance. LIC has bought the most 3.86 million shares in it. This will go to the government’s disinvestment kitty.
Q.7, what is the enemy stock called?
Ans: – Those who went to Pakistan and China at the time of partition and the property behind them is called enemy property. After the improvement in the 2017 Enemy Property Act, it was ensured that those who went to Pakistan and China at the time of partition did not have any right to the property left behind. After this reform in law, the enemy shares which were sold in Wipro have been sold.

Current affairs 2019

Q.8, Which City Indian Oil Corporation (IOCL) starts the ultra-clean CS-VI grade petrol in 2019 from which city?
a) Delhi
b) Mumbai
c) Madras
d) Hyderabad
Ans: – (a) Delhi
Indian Oil Corp (IOCL) has started supplying ultra-clean CS-VI grade petrol and diesel to the cities near the national capital. And the rest of the country will start from April 2020. New Delhi is the first city in the country, where it started the fuel.
Q.9, International Mine Awareness and Mining Work Aid Day is celebrated?
a) March 4
b) April 4
c) 5th May
d) Other
Ans: – (b) April 4
The General Assembly announces the celebration of International Mine Awareness and Quarry Work Assistance Day on April 4 every year. It was first observed on April 4, 2006.
Its purpose was to help establish and develop national mine-work capacity in countries where mines and explosive warfare create a serious threat to safety. This is supported by the efforts of States, United Nations and related organizations. Social and economic development is also encouraged in health and people’s lives at the national and local level.

Q.10, April 1 Why is it famous?
a) Odisha Day
b) Rajasthan Day
c) Bihar Day
d) Other
Ans: – (a) For Odisha Day
On April 1, Orissa divas (Utkal Diwas) is celebrated
Q.11, where did the third edition of AUSINDEX 20919 start?
a) Australia
b) Delhi
c) Visakhapatnam
d) Mumbai
Ans: – (c) Visakhapatnam
The third edition of AUSINDEX naval warfare between India and Australia was completed in Visakhapatnam between April 2 and 16.
Q.12, recently which company selected CSR Rajan as Managing Director?
A) Kotak Mahindra Bank
b) Mahindra & Mahindra
c) IL & FS
d) any
c) IL & FS
CS Rajan has been appointed Managing Director and Vineet Nayyar named as Executive Vice-Chairman of Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services (IL & FS).
Rest of the new board comprises of Bijay Kumar as the Deputy Managing Director and GC Chaturvedi, Nand Kishore, Malini Shankar, and N Srinivasan as non-executive directors.

Daily updated current affairs in English

Q.13, who was recently made the new chairman of LIC?
a) VK Sharma
b) MR Kumar
c) Raghubar Sinha
d) Sushil Kumar
Ans: – (b) MR Kumar
MR Kumar was made the Chairman of LIC. His tenure will be 5 years. Kumar was in charge of the Northern Zone till now. He was working on this post since April 2017. Prior to this, Kumar has been an ED of Pension and Group Scheme. LIC has an asset of Rs 28.4 lakh crore.

Q.14 When was the establishment of the Life Insurance Corporation of India?
a) 1947
b) 1950
c) 1956
d) 1980
Ans: – (c) 1956
The establishment of the Life Insurance Corporation of India was established on 1 st September 1956.
Q.15, Where is the headquarter of Life Insurance Corporation of India?
a) Calcutta
b) Delhi
c) Mumbai
d) Madras
Ans: – (c) Mumbai
Q.16, which place was given to Delhi’s IGI Airport in the Skytrax World Airport Awards?
a) 12
b) 16
c) 59
d) Other
Ans: – (c) 59
Singapore’s Changi Airport was declared the best airport in the world and India’s Indira Gandhi International Airport was ranked 59th.
Q.17, which state has made Sana Dua the brand ambassador for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections?
a) Madhya Pradesh
b) Rajasthan
c) Jammu Kashmir
d) Uttarakhand
Ans: – (c) Jammu Kashmir
Sana Dua is an Indian model and beauty page title holder who has also been the first runner-up of Femina Miss India in 2017. Which has been brand ambassador for the year 2019 Lok Sabha elections?
Q.18, Where is the capital of Jammu and Kashmir state?
Ans: – Srinagar
Q.19, who is the Governor of Jammu and Kashmir State at the present time?
Ans: – Satyalal Malik
Q.20, how many seats are there in Jammu And Kashmir State?
Ans: – 89 seats of Vidhan Sabha, 36 seats of Legislative Council, 4 seats of Rajya Sabha and 6 seats in Lok Sabha, districts 22.

Current affairs quiz questions 5 April 2019

Q.21, Which Cricketer biography related the book “Game Changer”?
a) Mahendra Singh Dhoni
b) Rahul Dravid
c) Shahid Afridi
d) Other
Ans: – (c) Shahid Afridi
A book named game changer is based on the biography of Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi. This book has been written by famous TV anchor and broadcaster Wajahat S Khan. Shahid Afridi said goodbye to international cricket in April 2016. He played 27 Tests, 398 ODIs and 99 T20 Internationals in his 20-year international cricket career. Shahid Afridi, who led Pakistan in the three formats of the game, is playing in the T20 league all over the world. He had also played in the Pakistan Super League recently.
Q.22, who is the present Prime Minister of Pakistan?
Ans: – Former cricketer Imran Khan
Q.23, Which day India celebrates National Marine Day?
a) April 2
b) April 4
c) April 5
d) April 10
Ans: – (c) April 5
‘National Maritime Day’ is celebrated on April 5, 2019 across the country. The objective of celebrating this day is to make people aware about the activities of the Indian shipping industry and its role in the country’s economy. On April 5, 1919, Scindia Steam Navigation Company Ltd. The first Steam Ship ‘SS Loyalty’ (Scindia Steam Navigation Company Ltd.) was launched from Mumbai to the international water sector for the first voyage to London.
In memory of this, this day is celebrated every year from 5th April, 1964.
Q.24, for what were the Mayuri Congs elected?
a) Industry Head of Google India
b) Editor of Xiao
c) Airtel CMD
d) Other
Ans: – (a) Industry Head of Google India
Mayuri Kango was selected for Google India Industry Head.
Mayuri has called ‘Papa’ in her film career and Ajay Devgan, along with Arshad Warsi, has done films such as ‘Hai Pyar Ki Jeet’. After working with actors such as Bobby Deol, Rani Mukherjee and Anupam Kher, Mayuri appeared for the last time in the Telugu film ‘Vamsee’ in the year 2000. After failing in Bollywood, Mayuri turned towards the small screen. Also worked on ‘Nargis’ (2000), ‘Little Gum, Somnath Happi’ (2001), ‘Dollar Babu’ (2001) and ‘Kitty Party’ (2002) in Daily Soap. Then she married NRI Aditya Dhillon in December 2003 and settled in the US with her husband.

General awareness for bank exams 2019

Q.25, Recently, Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) withdrew from three of the nine states?
a) Jammu Kashmir
b) Sikkim
c) Arunachal Pradesh
d) Assam
Ans: – (c) Arunachal Pradesh

Q.26, who has become India’s third largest bank?
a) State Bank of India
b) Bank of Baroda
c) HDFC Bank
d) Bank of India
Ans: – (b) Bank of Baroda
The largest bank in the public sector is State Bank of India and the largest private sector bank HDFC Bank and the third name is Bank of Baroda and the fourth name is ICICI Bank.
Q.27, Lori Light Who made a black woman the mayor of which city?
a) New Jersey
b) Chicago
c) Hawaii
d) North America
Ans: – (b) Chicago
Q.28, Which Indian Telecommunications Company recently received the IFMC license?
a) Reliance
b) Jio
d) Bharti Airtel
Ans: – (c) BSNL
Q.29, which recently acquired Reliance Jiao, which startup company?
a) Haptic
b) Skype
c) Tic-torque
d) Other
Ans: – (a) Haptic
Reliance Jiao has acquired 87% stake in AI Chatbot Startup Haptic. The rest will be with the founder and their employees. The deal was about 700 crores.
Q.30, how many percent has recently been reduced in the repo rate by RBI?
a) 0.50%
b) 0.10%
c) 0.25%
d) 0.500%
Ans: – (b) 0.10%

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