Inspiring short stories with moral lessons- Elephant and the rope

Inspiring short story

Inspiring short stories with moral lessons

Inspiring short stories with moral lessons:- Benefits of inspiration stories:-

  • Increase my self determination.
  • Try once more
  • Failure is the pillar of success.
  • Don,t accept defeat, always try
  • Try and try be success.

Once upon a time, some gentlemen were going to be together. On the way they appeared a small village. They were all going through the village. One of them saw that in the village some Elephants were tied with the help of a thin rope.

When he saw this, he was very surprised that how can a giant a big Elephant tied by a weak and thin rope. And why does he not break it and escape from here. And he saw that there was neither a chain nor a cage.

And if the elephant wants to, he can get rid of this bondage in one stroke. But why was he not doing this? What is the reason for this?

Then he wanted to ask someone something, but there was no one there. But coming from far away he saw the owner of an elephant there. He asked her – The elephant is a giant animal, but why stand tied to this weak rope and do not attempt to run at all, while they can break it in one stroke.

Then he gave a remarkable answer that when the Elephant is a child. Then I tied it with the help of this rope. Then this rope was so strong that it could not break it. And he could not run away by breaking the rope. It took a lot of effort to break the rope, but every attempt of it failed. Having lost it, it was considered impossible to break the rope and left it on the rope.

Inspiring short stories with moral lessons for students

And the Elephant child understood that it is very impossible for me to break this rope.