Percentage Math problems with solutions for competitive Exams

Percentage Math problems are always asks in competitive examination. So taking attention we explain some easy and shortcut method solved question. A percentage is a fraction it means that 1/100, If we find out any percentage of any numbers means that numbers divided by 100 means denominator is 100. Some important formulae The meaning of […]

Profit and Loss formula and tricks Questions for Students

Profit and Loss formula and tricks:- Selling and buying something like any object it is nature of men’s. But taking profit it get something loss. But how we find out profit and loss. We will cover with some solved questions for students. Cost price or Purchase Price When we buy any product then it is […]

How to solve LCM Questions – a short tricks in LCM & HCF.

How to Solve LCM Questions in Hindi How to solve LCM Questions:- LCM एंड HCF के बारे में जानेगे सभी प्रतियोगी परीक्षाओं में अक्सर सवाल पूछे जाते है ये बहुत ही आसान होते है अगर थोड़ी सी ध्यान दिया जाए तो आप आसानी से हल कर सकते है। लघुतम समापवर्त्य (LCM ):- वह  छोटी से […]

Solving Linear Equations with fractions with question and answer

Solving linear equations with fractions and variables Solving Linear Equations with fractions:- It is the part of algebra mathematics.  Linear Equations is the format ax+b =O . This is the very easy chapter. This types of equation is solved by transfer their position left or right , in this case their sign will be changed […]

Age Related Questions in Hindi with answer for students

Age Related Questions in Hindi with answer Age Related Question in Hindi :- Age Related question in hindi always ask in examination one or more.  We here explaining short and easy tricks for solve age related question in this articles. We will be writing age related questions are many parts. You must read. Q1.काजल तथा […]

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