Republic Day Essay in English for Teacher and Students

Republic Day Essay in English for Teacher and Students

Essay on Republic Day in India

India is a Huge and republic of India. Our Country. India was the slave of the Mughals emperor for 800 years and the British for 200 years.

The Mughals plundered our country and ended all employment and factories. There was a problem of starving and unemployment all around.

When the Mughals fled, the British came. India was called the golden bird. He robbed the wealth of the country and ended the economy.

Then the freedom fighter of our country like Subhash Chandra bose, Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel fight against the British rule and forced him to leave the country.

Finally India got independence from the British rule on 15 August 1947. But without rules and regulation the country could not progress smoothly. So Dr.Bhim Rao Ambedkar made a Constitution. India Adopted the Constitution on 26 January 1950. Hence we and every Indians celebrate republic day every year.

Republic Day is the national festival of India. This festival celebrated on 26 January in Every year. We all citizen agree very happily with together and salute the national flag.

This festival is celebrated at every school-college, educational places and every street intersection. The national anthem is sung with great respect and salutes the flag.

A special event is organized on this occasion in the country’s capital, Delhi.
Parade and tableau are organized by the soldiers of the country.
The President salutes three army jawans. At this time, weapons, missiles and powerful tanks used by the army are displayed. The power and might of the soldiers are conveyed through the parade.

There are various types of sports and debate competition in the schools and colleges.
And the winner is rewarded. The Principal speech to all the children about the republic day .Children looks very happy.

Money essay in English for students and children’s 500 words


We are writing essay on money in different words for children’s and students. It will be very useful for you and your parents.

Short Essay on Money 100 words

We are live in a social and live with family and fulfil needs of each other. But you have ever thought wealth is the one who plays an important role.

It is impossible of basic necessities of our life without money.

You heard this proverb -no money without life. Money does not eat she cock but buying it we needs money. It is very essential for us because we can live without.

Essay 2 in 200 Words

We have no any work without money. We also need money to be live healthy in our daily life. We can buy my living and luxurious articles with money.

From morning to till evening whatever we do money is required everywhere. We cannot do anything without it. Today’s the entire world is crazy behind money. Everyone is running for money. There are no times of anyone. Each and everyone are busy only for money. What is hell is this money? Why it has enslaved the entire world.

Money is the rupees and paisa, in which we can do transaction to each other. And can buy anything we wish. We cannot do anything without money.

We cannot imagine a even healthy life without no money. So we have to do something to earn some money as per requirement. And to earn money we have to be educated only then we can earn some cash.

We all already learnt now it is very essential for your daily and regular life. But for this we have to think that how we can earn it. in modern era everyone wants to earn cash without now is it we cannot live safe.


Rainy Season Essay in English 1000 words for Students

Rainy Season Essay in English 1000 words for Students

In school his class teacher often given to write an essay to children. Because his handwriting can be improved. So we are writing an essay on rainy season on different words in this article. Which will help the students and their parents too?

Rainy season Essay in English 100 words

The whole nation is suffering due to heavy hot. Animals and birds also crave water. Whole earth becoming barren. All animals and trees start to die due to the fierce heat. In such an extreme situation the rainy seasons arrives.

This season starts in India from July and lasts till September. It comes as a boon all those suffering from summer.

All the animals, birds and human being welcomes to this season wholeheartedly. In this season the soul is communicated in the lifeless.

The whole earth seems green and all animals get food easily.

Rainy Season Essay in English 200 words

There are four seasons in our country. Every season is of three months. All seasons come at their appointed time. It is important to have all seasons otherwise the balance of nature deteriorates.


If it is frosty or excess heat, then all the animals become distraught. This season lasts from July to September. It rains very fast in these four months.


There is greenery in the atmosphere all around. Farmer seem happy in their heart because they think that due to good rains this year, agricultural work will be good.


In this season, water gets filled in the river-pond and ponds. Due to which the sound of the frog sounds. Animals welcome queen-varsha in her voice.


Poets have also written poetry on it. In fact, this season is like a mother because its arrival leaves a sheet of greenery all around. Peacocks dance in the forest, birds tweet. Nature looks attractive. 

Rainy Season Essay in English 300 words

This season is very beautiful. In this season greenery takes place all around the fields, barns and gardens. When all the peoples of the Earth have becomes unhappy with the scorching rays of the sun then arrival of this season occurs.  This season gives relief on this occasion. When the world is suffering from heat and lack of the water this season comes.


According to the Hindi calendar this season starts from Ashad and lasts till the month of Bhadra. But according to the English calendar it lasts from July to September. Everyone welcomes to this season very well. Poets have written many poems for welcome this season.


As soon as this season starts, the weather changes.

During summer, the air runs hot, but during this season the air gets moisture. The cloud is covered with thick and dark clouds and upon seeing it starts raining. During these days, it always rains.


The clouds in the sky are seen running here and there.

People use umbrellas to avoid rain. When there is no confidence in the rain. These days, it rains sometimes, and then it gets dry.


The farmers appear happy as soon as the rains start. And the work of farming starts. The farmer produces food for us. Therefore, this season is beneficial for him.


Due to excessive rains, mud comes on the roads and conditions like floods arise. Many people become homeless due to flooding. And many types of disease are outbreak.


If there are lots of benefit also is a loss in this season. Sometimes there is no rain at all in this season and dryness is called famine. Due to no rain farmers face big problems. Later the government declared this area as a famine and farmers get some compensation. 

My Favourite Season Rainy Essay 600 Words

 India is a Country of republic. Our culture is unique. There are twelve months in a year. And there are four seasons. Each season is divided equal three months. These four seasons comes on their time. Spring is the king of season and rainy is the queen.


Brings a new life in all the animals and plants in this season. A green sheet is laid on the whole earth. Increase the beauty of field-barn and garden. All plants have green leaves. To welcome this season nature stands by laying eyelashes.


After the summer season arrive this season. All the trees and animals die from the sharp rays of the sun in the summer season. At the time arrival of rainy season there is greenery in nature.


It is lasts from July to September months. And it rains very fast during this time. Well and pond are dry up due to the heat of summer, but as soon as the rain starts everyone gets filled with water.


At the beginning of this rain women’s worship the God of rain Indra and show their gratitude. If this season had not happened in the world the earth would have ended.


In the rainy days the entire sky is covered with dense and full of dark clouds and these dark clouds are seen running away to and fro. The atmosphere looks very pleasant and becomes green.


The grass also grows in the dry ground in this season. Farmers start dancing happily because they look happy in the desire of good harvest.

Peacock dancing in the forest and birds chirping. People use umbrella to avoid rain . Rain is the boon for farmers it is given by God. Everyone wants rain no matter what happens. If not rain plants dry.


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Unemployment essay in English 250 words for Students

Unemployment essay in English 250 words for Students

Unemployment is not only the state and the country but it is a big problem in the world. Essay on this topic is given by the teacher to the children to write in school. Then the children become confused. And think what this is?
So we are writing for children through this article. It will be in different words. You can read as per your requirement.

Long and short essay on Un-employment

 Unemployment Essay in 100 words

What is unemployment? Have you ever thought? So now let’s start thinking. This is a very big problem. In order to find a solution, all the countries of the world, despite being united, have not reached any conclusion.

Unemployment means – without employment, which means that there is no occupation, that is, it is weak. Such people exist in every country of the world, not only in India.

Why do such people have no employment or occupation, why do they not want to work? No, they want to work, but do not get work accordingly.

Unemployment Essay in 200 words

This is the big problem of our country. It is a serious issue for any country. In this kind of problem, people do not get work to the best of their ability. This problem is not only for the educated people, but the farmers of our country are also vulnerable to it.

Some people also want to work but they do not get work. Because they are ignorant of the technology of the modern era. So they are unemployed.

The farmer of our country does not have work even for twelve months. They work only for six months and the remaining six months are useless.

If we talk about the youth of the country, they do not get work according to their merit even after taking good degrees. But when they have no scope, they work forcefully.

There are many reasons for unemployment due to which it is increasing day by day in our country. The Government of India also announces new opportunities for employment in its budget every year, but no success has been received in this direction.

300 Words Essay on Unemployment

 Today there are many problems in the society, but the problem of unemployment is different among them. This problem is a big crisis for the family, society, state and country. People do not get work or even get work, but do not get it according to their capacity. This is unemployment.

There are many factors of this unemployment, such as: – Industrial revolution and the kurutis spread in the society. In olden days all the work was done by man, but now more and more work is done by machines, as a result these workers have become useless. And even today the work is done in the society from the old structure and many people are victims of Kurutis.

Education system is also its main reason. Education of our country is not suitable for employment. The education we receive does not work in our life.

Constant increase in population is also a hindrance in employment. Work is decreasing due to increasing population. Millions of people have become useless due to the arrival of computer, because a computer works alone as ten men.

Annadata of our country has also fallen prey to this. Farmers do not get work throughout the year. They only get a few months of work. Even today, they do not do farming in a scientific way. They do farming in the old traditional way.

The farmers of our country are illiterate, so they are unaware of the new and scientific method of farming. Farmers are poor due to which they are unable to buy new farming tools for themselves.

To tackle these problems, first of all, education system has to be reformed. The kurutis who are spread in the society have to be removed. People have to be educated. Only then will this problem be eradicated.

Unemployment Problems and Solutions Essay

Unemployment means those who want to work but do not get work according to their requirement and qualification. There are millions and millions of such youth in India who suffer from it. The large number of population of the country is causing problems of outrage and unemployment all around. Now the situation has become such that most people are attracted towards the same profession which has limited availability of employment which leads to unemployment. And this problem is increasing, which is very worrying for the economic development of the country.

Unemployment situation arises due to lack of interest in agriculture and industrial sectors. Forcing those who are struggling with the crisis of unemployment to choose or accept the wrong way to obtain money in the form of physical and mental harassment and depression, social abuse, crime and violence, or sometimes dangerous consequences. Different problems have to be faced. There has also been a huge increase in the number of suicides from the unemployed. When frustrated on all four sides, when there is no way out, he commits heinous crimes like crime and suicide.

The government and human welfare minister of our country should find a suitable and better solution to solve this problem; otherwise the future of the country will hang in the balance. Have to talk to. Only then some solution will be found. For this, the education system should be developed in such a way that the student acquires practical and technical knowledge while doing professional studies from any vocational educational institutes along with the opportunity of college campus selection to get good job opportunities. Which he could choose only during studies.

Essay on Employment problem in India

The industrial and agricultural sector should be promoted by the government and new and modified so as to attract people as a working sector. And modern methods should be adopted so that maximum production can be done.

Common people also have to think deeply about this and will have to cooperate fully in the government’s plans, only then we will be able to succeed. Otherwise, the problem of unemployment will take a bipolar form and the country will collapse.

Unemployment Essay cause and solution in 500 words

 The problem of unemployment is not a common thing. This is a big problem for a society, state, country and world community. And this problem is increasing day by day. It is a matter of shame that millions of educated youth of the country are sitting idle, they have no work.

What is unemployment?

Unemployment is called when the number of workers is more and not everyone is getting work or is getting less work.

This problem is spreading its legs. This is the problem of the whole world. It is very important to correct it otherwise the pace of development of the country will stop.

What is the reason?

There is no single concrete reason for unemployment. Many reasons are responsible for this, who will write one by one.

  • Evils in society

We are in the 21st century, but our country is still a victim of old practices and practices like superstition. Which is a hindrance for us?

  • Industrial revolution

With the invention of new industries and the use of new machines, the need of workers has been reduced, which has led to further unemployment.

  • Increase in population

With the continuous increase in the population, the number of workers has increased and the work is decreasing, due to which people are not getting the work according to their wishes.

  • Defect of education system

Education of our country is not for employment. Education should be such that we have an opportunity to choose employment ourselves. But this is not so. Therefore, millions of educated youth are unemployed.

  • Decline in cottage and home industry

Industrialization has completely destroyed the cottage and home industries of our country, making millions of people unemployed. The cottage industry is on the verge of closure. Due to which many workers have become useless.

  • Mechanization

The development of mechanization has led to industrialization, which has made millions of workers useless, because one machine can do the work of twenty workers alone and production has also increased considerably. Therefore, a lot of workers have become useless.

  • Decrease in employment of farmers

Even though the farmers of India are called Annadata. But he is a poor and uneducated person. Due to which they are unable to do farming in new scientific way of agriculture. And they only get work for six months in the year.

  • Non-development of scientific

Scientists of India should come forward to develop agriculture.

The above is the reason which plays an important role in increasing unemployment. It is a curse for a society and a country.

What are the consequences of unemployment that society has to face? This creates new crime in the society.

  • Continuous increase in crime graph
  • Family breakup
  • Decline in standard of living
  • Skilled craftsman skills end
  • Crimes like self-murder and rape
  • Political slam
  • A hindrance in muscle development
  • Slow growth of the country

Unemployment as a social problem in India Essay

 The problem of unemployment is the biggest hindrance in the development of the country. And it is not like this problem is decreasing. This problem is increasing daily.

 Obstacles are being created, requiring strict and proper attention by all sectors of India, including government or non-governmental organizations. Unemployment has been a major problem in India for many years and has affected many people physically and mentally.

 Everyone wants to do his work voluntarily, but when someone wants to do work and still does not get work or does not get work according to his status, then he is called unemployment.

Types of unemployment

Unemployment based on work, population and education is as follows: –

Partial unemployment

 When an educated and graduate youth does not get the job according to their education and is forced to work as a clerk, it is called partial unemployment. This type of problem is seen more in cities. When educated youth from the village go to metro city in search of employment.

 Hidden unemployment

This kind of problem is found in villages because the farmers of our country are quite poor and uneducated. They do not know about the advanced methods of agriculture. Hence they depend on the same crop as the paddy crop. And the whole year is useless. If he had knowledge, three crops could be grown from that field and this would increase his income. But this is not possible.

 Full unemployment

When a man wants to work but he does not get work.


When the Industrial Revolution took place in England, millions of workers became useless. Because the machine is invented, the workers do not get work.

 Effects of unemployment

 Due to this, the entire society, state, country and the whole world is being affected. Which is causing the following side effects: –

Increase in poverty

Unemployment creates poverty. People do not move forward and they fall down.

 Crime rate increase

When people have no work, they are ready to do anything and crime is born. Such as – theft, robbery, loot, murder and rape etc.

 Exploitation of workers

 People of the rich class exploit the workers; they get them done at a low price. And labour works due to less wages.

Mental illness

In the absence of employment, people become more vulnerable to illness due to high tension and they fall prey to ignorance like suicide.

 Recover against unemployment

 The following steps should be taken to deal with the unemployed

  • Education should be made employable.
  • Self-employment training camp should be organized.
  • Small and cottage industries should be promoted.
  • New agricultural methods should be developed for the farmers.

 Steps taken by the government for unemployment

 The Government of India has taken the following steps to the problem of unemployment: –

  • Integrated Rural Development Program (IRDP)
  • Jawahar Rozgar Yojana.
  • Drought prone area program (DPAP)
  • Self-employment training
  • Nehru Rozgar Yojana (NRY).
  • Employment assurance scheme.
  • Prime Minister’s Integrated Urban Poverty Alleviation Program (PMIUPEP).


Unemployment is a major disease of the society. Therefore, we should all work together with the government’s plans. Only then will unemployment end. And the government should also take some serious steps to reduce it.

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Essay about where there is a will there is a way in English

Essay about where there is a will there is a way in English
Essay about where there is a will there is a way

If you have a desire to do something then the path comes out automatically. If there is a strong resolution then no one can stop you from proceeding. The rock will also have to be removed from your road. And that will power helps you reach your goal.

A short paragraph on where there is a will there is a way

Where there is a will there is a way is very old proverb of Hindi and English. On this topic, children are given the essay or paragraph writing in the school. Or, such paragraph exams are often asked.

I am writing short essays, essays and paragraphs in different words in this article. You can take it according to your need.

Where there is a will there is a way essay 1 (100 Word)

Where there is a will there is a way very popular proverb. You can take it as a motivation. This line means that if you have a desire to do something then you can definitely succeed.

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If your vision is clear and you have strong power then success will make your move. You will get 101 percent success. But if you are lazy you do not have the courage to do anything then you cannot succeed any more.

From this paragraph we get a Sikh that we should work hard and work harder.

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Desire to get something is not enough; we have to work actively in the right direction with strong will power.

If you accept anything with your mind and money, then your five senses start working automatically. That is why scholars have said rightly – you succeed only when you decide.

Where there is a will there’s a way story in English


Where there is a will there is a way essay 2 (250 Word)


Where there is a will there is a way creates the communication of energy within you. Our people of India, who have flown the mantle of their success, also wondered where one’s heart is troubled by one day – yes we will do it.

But let me tell you one thing that this voice comes from within you, when you are making a lot of misery, or any other thing is causing you much trouble. You must have taken this vow to get rid of him – yes we have to do this. We do not see this Bose’s face.

Wherever you want, there is a direct meaning of the path – if you wish to get some object, then you have to work hard. You have to fight the most. You have to go crazy about your dreams. When your neighbours say that your classmates start talking to you crazy

So the success of understanding is going to kiss your steps soon.

We do not have to compromise with our dreams. We have to keep our dream in front of our eyes, no one stole it or anyone stole it. No one steals your dreams.

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The one who has decided this has succeeded. Take a look at the example of Abraham Lincoln, US President of the United States. He had lost elections 15 times, had become bankrupt in business. But he did not give up, and one day he became president of the United States. What are these lines that a poet has said –

Floors are found in those who have dreams in their dreams


Where there is a will there is a way essay 3 (400 Word)


This thing is known to all that where there is a will there is a way , there is no way but nobody does it because it has to work very hard.

There is no word of impossible name in this world. The meaning of saying is that nothing is impossible on this earth. Only you should have the will and determination. If our intentions are strong like a rock, then no one can beat us. Our strong intent gives strength to move forward, until we achieve our goal.

If we want to get something or want to become something, which nobody has ever done, then you have to be tenacious and wealthy. You will have to face any trouble, only then you will get it.

Some people also look at others’ success, but they do not last long, because they lack the will power.

Despite the willpower, other things like discipline, continuity, dedication and patience are also the ultimate requirement. We have to work hard, we have to get up early in the morning, and with complete commitment, we will have to work longer than certain hours. We need to work continuously without just postponing things and waiting for the result. Do not make excuses for your hard work and never complain with your fate. And do not blame anyone at all. Those who accuse others are bullish.

We often fail, it will also have to take positive, only then will our intentions be strengthened.

If we have a desire to do something then things will work for us but we need to dedicate it to him. There will be some hurdles in the way but will power gives the certainty to win the goal. Desire is to do anything in life.

Where there’s a will there’s a way paragraph


Sometimes a man cannot achieve anything by robbing everything he does. In this situation, every single point has to be checked well; maybe you are doing a blunder mistake at some place.

When you go to a good work, you will face many problems on your way: –

हाथी चले बाजार तो कुता भुके हजार


मुश्किलें दिल के इरादे आजमाती है, स्वप्न के परदे निगाहों से हटती है

हौसला मत हार गिर कर ऐ मुसाफिर, ठोकरें इंसान को चलना सिखाती है



जहाँ हर सर झुक जाए वही मंदिर है, जहाँ हर नदी मिल जाये वही समंदर है

ज़िन्दगी हर मोड़ पर एक युद्ध है जो हर युद्ध जीत जाये वही सिकंदर है

ईश्वर का दिया कभी ‘अल्प’ नहीं होता,जो टूट जाये वो ‘संकल्प’ नहीं होता,हार को लक्ष्य से दूर ही रखना,क्यूंकि जीत का कोई ‘विकल्प’ नहीं होता….

You do not seem to succeed in the first time. Many times it happens that you will have to fail 10 times for success, and then you will succeed in 11 times. You always have to remember this line: –

Failure is the pillars of success.

We must also keep in mind that for those things which are difficult to achieve, we have to work very hard and continuously. Humans have a lot of power inside; they can do whatever they want. Only the internal willpower, determination, dedication and the ability to work hard to sleep within you is to awaken.

In order to recognize our inner strength and to cross all the difficulties of the path and reach the goal, we have to develop such natural powers within us. We need to focus on our goal to win the ultimate victory, because where there is desire, there is a way.

Thirsty crow story:  based on where there is a will there is a way


Once upon a time, a thirsty crow was wandering around in search of water. His thirst continued to grow even as he continued to fly fast and continued to fly. He started thinking, “If I do not get water soon, then my death is certain.” She was thinking that only then she found a pitcher of water away.

He flew immediately and reached there and peeping in the jar. But there was water in it, but the water was so low that till it could not reach its beak. Seeing it, she became disturbed. He started looking around Maybe there is water in some other vessel, or perhaps some other pot can be found. But he did not notice that.

He desperately wanted to go from there only when his eyes went away to the pebbles falling from the pitcher to build a house at a distance. Looking at the stones, there was a thought in his mind. He went to the pebbles and put pebbles in his beak and put it in the jar. In the meantime, his hard work brought colour and water levels of the pitcher reached to the top. Now the crow could drink water very simply. He poured his beak into the pitcher and filled the water and drank water. And expired your thirst. And now she started feeling self-conscious. After some time he rested there and then flew away from there in search of food.

This gives us a moral ethics, which we can do whatever we want. Only we need to think positively.