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5 tools for checking broken links in wordpress Websites


Broken Links

what is broken link in SEO

Broken Links:Do you have any website? If so, you will be working hard to bring that website to the rank and attract your visitors. But how would you feel if any wrong link eliminates the SEO of your website? The same link which affects the SEO of your website, that link is called Broken Links or Dead Link. If you are a new blogger then you will hardly know what the link or dead link is and how it can harm our website.

Friends, I will discuss the broken link in this article in detail.

What is broken link?

If a link that is not present on the web page or has been deleted, then the 404 note found fault or if it does not work then it is called Broken Link or Dead Link. We will explain below. We can also call Broken Links on Dead Link or 404 not found.

What cause broken link created?

Reasons for broken links

Broken links are made in two ways, one is internal and the second is external link.

  • When we add an internal link to our article, then if it does not add properly, then it becomes a broken link.
  • If we add a page to the website then it comes to that page search, but after some time you removed that page for any reason, then it becomes a broken link. For example, when a visitor clicks on that link, that page will not open and it will get a 404 not found message.
  • If you add an outbound link to your article, then it also creates a broken link.
  • The user has software or is behind a firewall that blocks access to the destination website.
  • The website owner linked to a site that is behind a firewall that does not allow outside access (such as an Intranet site or a restricted access area on a website).
  • If your website is very popular and a lot of commissions are coming, there is a possibility of having a broken link.

You saw that Broken Link is very harmful for the health of your website. This causes negative impact on your website.

Google can also penalize this website. If any website is affected more than this kind of link, then it is called “Link rot”.

Broken Links

How to check broken links

There is a question now whether our website has a broken link or not how we will check.

Here we are linking some of the tools, so that you have any broken links in your website or not, follow me.

Broken Link Checker 5 Free Online Tools

  • Broken Link Cheker
  • Dead link checker
  • Dr link check
  • Small Seo tols
  • W3 check links

Broken links remover plugin wordpress

If you are looking a plugin that checks the automatic broken link and inform us by email, you will have to install the WordPress Broken Link Checker plugin.

Activate this plugin and go to dashboard and Tools> and Broken Link.

It is a free tool for search broken link, this plugin automatic work and provides much option for fix broken links.

Along with the WordPress plugin broken links, it also shows the status code along with it, so you will be able to find out that you have to unlink this link, update it, or make a direct fix, or about it Do not take any action.

If you also update unline instead of getting rid of broken links, it will be better for you.

You can configure many more settings besides this. I will suggest you go to “Look For Links In” and check comments section and in the “General” tab, you can prevent search engine bots from following your broken links. I highly recommend you to set this option.
Either you remove the Broken link by going to the Google Webmaster Tools Crawl option.

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