National Anti Terrorism Day 2021 History and themes

National Anti Terrorism Day 2021 History and themes

Every year on May 21, India celebrates Anti-Terrorism Day and awareness to all for fight against terrorism .

India celebrates every year on May 21 every year as Anti-Terrorism Day. Because this day is a very memorable day in our Indian history which even a child can never forget. Because on this day, the young Prime Minister of our country, the late Rajiv Gandhi was killed.

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Rajiv Gandhi went to Sriperumbudur situated in Tamil Nadu state on 21 May 1997 to deliver a political speech for the party. There a woman came and she wanted to touch his feet, who was a terrorist and she belonged to the Tamil Liberation Party.

India has a developing country so India is targeted many brutal terrorist attack but they every time fought back. Terrorist is a great curse not only for one state it is the great pandemic of human society. And this is a not a problem of one person and one country. So now all we have to unity and fight with terrorist.

Why we deserve 21 May as National Anti Terrorism Day
We all deserve 21 May National Anti Terrorism Day because this day My seventeenth and young Prime Minister Shri Rajeev Gandhi was assassination by the great terrorist plan. After that current Prime Minister shri V.P. Singh Government declared 21 May as National Anti Terrorism Day.

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