My Village fair essay In English for Child & Students

My Village fair essay in English for class 8

In this article, I am writing an essay about my village fair, about the current status and with explanation and truth vision. Which will be different words, you can choose as per your requirements?

Village fair essay 1 (100 Words)

My Village fair essay In English for Child & Students

India’s soul resides in the villages. The government has taken a lot of plans for the development of villages so that the standard of living of the people can be increased. The fair is very special in the village. A fair is observed in the village when there is a festival. And this fair takes place in a famous place. And it seems to be in a place where there is a very large population.

The village fair holds great importance for the villagers. They look forward to that fair very much. Because he is very much expected from this fair.

Village fair essay 2 (250 Words)

A lot of measures are being taken for the village to make urbanization so that the people of the village can be upgraded. There is no market in the village, so they have to depend on the village fair for the purchase of their necessities.

After Durgapuja in the village there is a very big fair on the day of Vijayshashmi. I was also in that fair. This fair takes place in the very large field in the middle of the main market. People were coming in all the mails from nearby villages in that fair. Some people were walking on foot and some people used different vehicles. A huge crowd gathered in the fair.

The view of the fair was very strange. There was a huge swing on the left side of the entrance gate. Where many people were climbing on one by one. And were enjoying the swing. After entering the fair.

My Village fair essay in English for Children

All the shops were decorated. All the desserts, chats, and vendors were decorated with a line of lines. There was a huge crowd of people at all the shops.

A huge statue of Durga Maa was decorated in the middle of the fair courtyard. People coming to the fair used to worship Durga and worship them.

The children were coming in the fair with their parents. The kids were eating samosas, gulab jamuns and rasgulles at the sweet shop. Some children were taking toys, balloons etc. Everyone was enjoying the fair entertainment. All were crazy with joy and enthusiasm.

Village fair essay 3 (600 Words)

India is a country of villages. Still the villages are being upgraded. 80% of the population lives in villages. And the people of the village buy the things they need from the village fair. Fair in the village seems to be in a religious festival or festival. If you live in the city then the village fair does not have any meaning, as there are such market diseases in the city.

The fairytale of the fair is the child. Children are very fond of watching the fair. Because they know that they can take things of sweets, vendors and other needs in the fair.

Children go to see the fair with their parents and siblings and celebrate it.

The people of the village also entertain themselves with the fair. Because in the fair, there are gems and circus and hammock. There can be various types of entertainment.

Topic on My Village Fair

Sometimes the fair is organized in the city. After Diwali Puja or after Independence Day, you can enjoy fair.

There are lots of stalls in the food at the village fair. Where there is huge crowd on litter, chickpeas, dessert and food shops.

The toy uses the sound of your toy. Fife, whistle, ice cream, and gram have adopted all the tricks to entice customers in their own way. Some people sell their household goods. There is noisy in every way. Children are very happy to be seen.

There is so much speculation in the fair that some people are seen pushing. There is security to the government on behalf of security. Police and paramilitary forces keep a watch on anti-social elements. Roads and highways are also crowded.

Features of village fair

Village fair is very important for the people of the village because they can buy their required items here. All of their needs are not available in the village market, so they are waiting for the fair. All the requirements of this fair are easily available. People from the city also visit the fair and enjoy the fair.

Fair for merchants is like a boon. Because the faults in the fair are easily sold. People of the business community also wait for the fair, so that all its stock is empty.

In the past, there were no permanent roads to visit the village and the city. Therefore, the people of the village could not go to the city to buy their essential things and they had to depend only on the village fair.

But nowadays it has become a paved road, so it has become easier to get to the city. Therefore, the fair of the village has no special significance. Now the fair is left for entertainment only. People go to the fair to dispel neurosis in their lives and wander the mind.

All the people in the fair come to sell their belongings. The empty shop is decorated in an empty plaza overnight. All the shops in the fair are decorated in different queues. Sweets and salty shops are like one. In the second way there are shops of household goods, iron goods and utensils. The third line included readymade garments, children’s toys, books, shoes and wooden accessories.

Importance of Village Fair in daily Life

Apart from this, hawkers were selling their goods in the fair and roaming like flutes, umbrellas, toys and babies. There is a lot of initiative in the fair.

Sometimes an unknown man is found in the fair, which is of great work. In the fair, magician, Tamashevala, Dance Party, Cinema, Jhulala and Ramlila Party also entertain people by humor.

Fair is a very good place for the people of rural areas. Because all these things are easily found. They get a lot of products in one place. Children are very excited about moving to the fair.

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