Abraham Lincoln biography , Education, childhood and his struggle career in English

Abraham Lincoln biography in English

Abraham Lincoln was America’s politician and lawyer. He took oath as the 16th President of the United States in 1861. Through this post we learn about Abraham Lincoln biography.

Abraham Lincoln biography , Education, childhood and his struggle career in English

He was a black President He led the US with a big ethical, constitutional and political crisis. By abolishing slavery, strengthening the federal government and modernizing the economy of the country.

Lincoln was born in a poor family. That’s why he did not study school. He studied by himself and got an attorney degree. Along with advocacy, he was also interested in politics. Along with advocacy, he was also a member of the Illinois State Legislature, and a member of the House of Representatives of America. Again a few days later he left the political party and started pleading back.

They have seen very high ups and downs in their lives. 1854 They came again in politics and contested but they failed. They got lost in defeat. But still he did not leave. He became the leader of a Republican party and joined the public service.

When he was 55 years old, Senate was elected in the United States and Lincoln participated in this election and he was successful in achieving success. And in 1861 he was elected the 16th President of the United States. He was President of 1861 to 1865 during the American Civil War.

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Abraham Lincoln was a man of faith, bold and open-minded. They ended the fair black-and-slave tradition in America. His whole life was full of struggles.

In America, credit goes to end slave practice.

Fact about Abraham Lincoln:

Abraham Lincoln Biography in short


Full Name Abraham Lincoln
Date of birth 12 January 1809
Birthplace Sinking Spring Farm, Kentucky (US)
Date of Death 15 April 1865
Death Reason By gunshot murder
Father’s Name Thomas Lincoln
Grand Father’s Name Captain Abraham Lincoln
Mother’s name Nancy Hanks Lincoln
Political party Republican
Nationality American
Occupation lawyer
Marrital Status Married
Spouse/Wife Marie Todd
Childrens Robert, Edward, Willie and Tand

 Birth and Family

Abraham Lincoln was born in a Christian family on February 12, 1809, at a wooden house in Kentucky, in Spring Springs, near Hodgainville, United States. His father’s name was Thomas Lincoln and mother’s name was Nancy Hanks Lincoln. Their descendents were British and settled in New Jersey and Virginia in the US.

Lincoln had a great sister named Sarah, and had a younger brother, Thomas, who died in childhood.His father was a church Baptist and was also a good adviser.

His family moved from Kentucky to Indiana, when Lincoln was only seven years old. He later moved to Illinois. His family was a farmer. So Lincoln used to work on the field with his father.

Lincoln’s grandfather was named Captain Abraham Lincoln, who was killed during the raids. The main reason for his family’s leaving Kentucky was that he lost his property in the land dispute and went to Indiana.

Lincoln’s mother died from an unknown illness on October 5, 1818, when he was only 9 years old. Lincoln’s father, on 2 December 1819, to take care of his children and to take care of his home, Sarah Bush Johnson married another widowed woman. Lincoln’s stepmother was of very good nature. He took great care of Lincoln.

Lincoln’s father was a farmer and he did not have the money to teach Lincoln. So Lincoln was not studying. But his stepmother used to provoke him for studies. But Lincoln did his studies from home, he never went to school. Lincoln did not like doing wages in the field, he enjoyed studying. Lincoln has completed his studies. It was filled with self-confidence of the great. Lincoln also became athletics and wrestling champion until he was 21 years old.


When Lincoln was 22 years old, after fear of spreading familial disease, he settled in Macken County in 1830. And Lincoln also used to take a small job for the family’s home expenses. And many more continue to work. And he became the leader of the Whig Party. Contested many elections But because of not having economic development and justice for the poor, they decided that they would become lawyers. And he started studying advocacy.

After practicing for a few days, they became lawyers. And he continued to advocate as an advocate. Together, they continued to grow in politics.

Lincoln was a very honest and high ranking lawyer. They used to take fewer fees than the needy. They were just ahead of poverty. So they respected everyone. And he advocated for about 20 years and earned a great name.

He did not earn money in advocacy but there he received great satisfaction and peace. There he served the needy people of the heart. During his advocacy, the story of some of his generosity is as follows: –

When Lincoln used to advocate, he used to take no more money than people who were poor like him. Once, in connection with a lawsuit, one of his clients gave him $ 25, but he gave $ 10 back after saying that his case only had 15 dollars.

Similarly, once after winning a women’s lawsuit, the lawyer working with him took more money from him, but Lincoln asked him to withdraw money. He was a very honest and honest man. They said that “When someone does good, he feels good and feels bad when he does bad” and that was his religion. They enjoyed the service of people very much.

Marriage and Children

Abraham Lincoln had lived in the relationship with the before first two girls of his marriage. One of which died and the other left them. And in December 1839, he met Mary Todd in Springfield, Illinois, the daughter of an American lawyer, businessman and politician. Whose name was Robert Smith Todd. And got married on 4 November 1842. And with my todd, they had four offspring. And one by one, four children died due to illness.


Lincoln bought a store in New Salem, Illinois, in 1832 with a friend Denton Offutt, but could not run for more days and sold his share. Did a lot of work and eventually jumped into politics. He contested Illinois, but lost his face as he had education, public and lack of money. After losing twice he considered it right and practiced with William Herndon, Abraham was a promising one.

In 1843, he enrolled in the 7th Representative of Illinois but lost there too. In the 1854 election, he was elected to the Illinois legislature but he refused to take his seat.

 In 1856, the Illinois Republican Party was founded. Now he had come to the public that Lincoln is also a promising leader. Now he had started getting public support.

He was elected as America’s 16th President on November 6, 1860. He became the first Republican president of the country.

On February 1, 1861, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Gerorgia, Louisiana, and Texas were declared separate. And a civil war started. As the war grew, Lincoln promised himself and launched an abolitionist movement for the country, and he succeeded in it.

In 1863, finally declared mortgage free and became the document of the freedom of Golamo in the state, but in Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska and Arkansas, slaves did not get freedom from the legal battle screw.

Abraham Lincoln made a very important contribution to America’s Civil War, which was a battle for his blood, morality, constitution, and politics. Because of this, he had to face many problems.

Abraham Lincoln president

In 1858, the election came again and Lincoln got a nomination in this election. Lincoln gave a tremendous speech against Douglas for the heart of people after enrollment. Through this speech Douglas came to know that Lincoln is a strong man of the party, it is hard to beat.

On February 27, 1860, New York Party leaders invited Lincoln to give Cooper a speech in a group of powerful Republicans. Lincoln argued that the founding father had little use for popular sovereignty and he repeatedly demanded to ban slavery. Lincoln stressed that ethics needed to oppose slavery, and rejected any “grumbling for the ground between right and wrong”.

Civil War

The people of northern and southern states began to ignite the practice of slavery in the civil war in the midst of the civil war. Lincoln dealt with these very wisely and it became his. All of this has greatly complimented Lincoln. After the war ended, South states were not strictly adopted and the legislation was made to free slaves by freeing slavery.

Death of Abraham Lincoln

On April 14, 1865, when Lincoln was going to a program on Good Friday, John Wilkes Booth shot him and killed him. And thus a great statesman and honest personality lost America forever.

Conclusion:- Friends ! what you learn to read Abraham Lincoln biography. We thought he was a great and courageous man and self determination. He never fear with problems and always faces and solve the problems. We youth generation take inspiration to his ways.

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