What is Long tail keywords in SEO and short tail-pxxstory

What is Long tail keywords in SEO and short tail-pxxstory

What is long tail keywords and its importance for SEO

What is long tail keywords: Keyword research is very important in before writing articles. You must have read my old post, otherwise you must read what is a keyword and why it is important for SEO.

Keyword is a part of SEO and search engine works according to keywords. When we do any search according to our needs, then it is called keyword. But how do you write and search the word on Google? Search Engine Optimization works on keyword, tag and Meta description and heading.

We search in two ways, one is by typing the short letter of the word and the other is by typing the long letter. When we search by typing one to two words while searching it is called short keyword but when we search by typing in three to four letters it is called long Tail keywords.

It is a focus keyword which we also called keyword or keyphrase. It is very important for search engines. Search engine assigns value only to the long tail keyword. It is of two types: –

Short tail keyword and long tail keywords.

  • Short tail keyword does not like search engines. It is personal and its scope of work is limited.
  • Short tail formed one or two words but long tail keyword is just its opposite.
  • Long tail keyword consists of three or four words and it is many benefits.
  • Conversion rate of long tail keyword is very high.
  • It gives to more chance of getting tons of organic traffic, because search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing or Yandex) gives more value.
  • It is the best for SEO and used for targeted traffic for particular area. Long tail keyword competition is very less.

Hence every one suggest long tail keyword .

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