What is a domain name and how does it work for all

What is DNS Name Server and how does it works Everywhere

What is DNS Name Server and how does it works Everywhere

What is domain name?

DNS Name: Whenever you have searched for a website, the name that is written is called the same domain. Just as any person has any name like Ram, Shyam, Mohan etc. We cannot recognize anyone without the name. In the same way in the internet world, domain is a name. Which is the identity of your website? The domain name is the name of your website. Any visitors who can access your webpage by searching.
When we search by visiting a webpage or a website in a Google search, the name that we write in the search bar is called the domain name. This internet is a breathless sea. Where we cannot search any website without the domain name.

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A domain name is a network identity. The domain name is used to identify and search the website on the Internet from a computer. But the computer searches every domain name with an Internet Protocol Number (IP Number). E.g. - Every domain has an IP number through which the internet is tracked by that number to track the website. Eg: – www.Example.com

His is the identity of our website. The name of our website is Pxxstory.com. Some domain names are listed as follows: –

Pinterest etc.
If you speak in simple words, then the domain name is the name of your website. It is used when we type URLs on the browser and becomes a special website display. It consists of a letters and numbers and make a perfect name. And next to the name, com, edu, in front of the dot, is called extension. If someone searches your website, then you will find…www.yourdomainname.com or net or in.
With the help of domain, we can search the website on the Internet. This is a friendly naming system.


DNS means Domain Name Server This is the foundation of the internet system. This is a database of internet servers this is a system that keeps a computer server and Internet connected to a private network. The main use of DNS is to name a domain name for IP address. This DNS is changed to the IP address of the domain name and becomes like a phone book, which is very useful for the computer server.

It is difficult to keep an IP address for a human, so they remember the URLs, but the machine remembers the IP address. DNS is a protocol that includes TCP / IP. And these DNS supports all operating systems such as: – Network Devices, Mobile Phones One domain has two IP addresses, one for web hosting, IPv4 and another domain’s IPv6.

In simple language, we can say that the DNS computer transforms the host into an IP address of Internet. Computer needs an IP address in order to contact any website.

Functions of DNS

All data are stored at a server. The main functions of DNS to convert domain name into IP address for server .Which Computer server understand easily.

DNS also provide a list of mail server which accept Emails from each domain name.

Due to providing world-wide distributed key-word-based rescheduling system, the Domain Name System is an essential component of the Internet feature. DNS also defines the technical basis of the functionality of this database. For this purpose, it defines a detailed description of the data structures and communication exchange used in the DNS as part of the Internet Protocol Suite (TCP / IP) protocol.

Domain Name Server or DNS is similar to a phone book in the Internet and it maintains the list of all domains and converts it to the Internet Protocol. And it is also necessary.

Types of domain in Networking

Based on the registration of domains name, these are as follows: –

TLD-Top Level Domains

ccTLD- Country Code Top Level Domains

gTLD – Generic Top Level Domains

IDN ccTLD -International Top Level Domains

Second Level Domains

Third Level Domains


TLD-Top Level Domains


The price of top level domains is very high. These types of domains keep all search engines (such as Google, Bing, Yandex) in top ranks. .Com, .net, .Edu, .net and .org come under top level domains. All domains name ends after top level domains. Let’s understand this through an example: –

.Com- (Commercial Business)

.Net- (Network Organization)

.Org- (Organization)

.Edu- (Educational Institution)

.Gov – (Government Sites)

ccTLD- Country Code Top Level Domains


The two letter domains showed specific geographic locations, for example: .in India shows. You can take such domains only when you are a resident of that country, this was the first rule, but no longer. Now anyone can take. I can buy America’s domains. You can buy domains by targeting any country. These are also top level domains.


.au – Australia

.uk – United KIngdom

.US- United Stated

.in – India

.br – Brazil

.nz- New Zealand

.my – Malaysia

.sg -Singapore

.jp- Japan

.vn- Vietnam

.cn -China

.th – Thailand

.sa – Saudi Arabia

.ae- Arab Emirates


gTLD – Generic Top Level Domains


These are also top level domains, the difference is so much that there is some rule to follow or some are managed to take it. Com, .net, .biz, .org and .info come under it, which anybody can register. But for this you have to rule some rule strictly.

IDN ccTLD -International Top Level domains


These are domains of top-level, but only the International people can take it. These domains are based on ASCII. It does not support many languages. It only validates the Unicode encoding.

Domain Name and its types

Second Level domains

Second level domains are called first part of your website names. In other hands your domain names is second level domains.

Second level domains are called the first part of the top level domains. See, in a way, it is your domains name. Let us consider this with an example. Like- My website name is Pxxstory.com then .com is top-level domains and Pxxstory is called second level domains. See below pic.

Third Level domains


Third level domains come after second level domains or later. You do not confuse. We understand a example:-www.Example.com.uk.



Sub domain is an other website of main domain. If you buy a domain from any web hosting company then he allow creating a sub domain as you wish. It is at all free, no any cost.

You can make sub domains free. This happens between second level domains and third level domains. If you have purchased a domain name, you can create as many sub domains as you like.

What is purpose of domains name?

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