Full Meaning of internet in English and its benefits.

Full Meaning of internet in English and its benefits.

What is full meaning of Internet?

Full Meaning of internet:- What is Internet? This is very strange object. Today’s youth connect from morning to night through computer, laptop, tab or smart phones through internet.

They also live chat on the social networking side, play group groups on Whatsapp.  Listen to music and watch videos in music, share images.

Let’s talk to friends who are sitting far away. This is possible only through the entire internet.

But what is full meaning of internet, who is its originator?

Who discovered it? And which country uses the Internet firstly. Many such questions will be arising in your mind.

We have also many visitors’ comments and asked me for detailed information about the internet. Then I also reply and him for wait for more details.

Better late than never.

The internet is a medium to receive information. And we get this information in many ways like: – in the form of text, message, audio and video.

This internet is a web, in which the whole world is connected to it. All the devices or computers of the world through which one is connected to each other are called internet.

Internet is very important in our life. Today we cannot live without internet at all. We can live without food, water and anything, but we cannot live without internet. Through Internet millions of computers are connected with each other, they can also from the government and private sector.

It connects all the computers of the world through a network, this process is connected to a computer networks through the interconnect of Internet Protocol Suite (TCP / IP).

Internet is a very big network in the world. In which there is a global computer network, through which information and communication facility is exchanged.

What is Internet? Full meaning of Internet


Internet is a huge global network of information and communication. This works all over the world at global network.

All the computers we see, whether they are government organizations or private sectors, are all connected to the Internet through Internet Protocol (IP).

Such as: – Educational, Business, Gaming zone, Worldwide Network, Cyber cafe, Government Sector |

In short, internet is also called Net. Data and information are transfer in Net through Router and server.  Each and every Computer is connected with Router and computer server in the world.

Each computer has an IP address.

Protocol means the rules of running which are written in Programming.

There is a huge amount of data transfer from the Internet. And all these data transfers are done through hypertext document (html), World Wide Web and electronic mail.

Just as the spider makes a trap, it is a network.

What is full form of Internet?

In simple words, the full form of Internet is International Network | But this is such a network of Global Network that computers are interconnected by a web server. So, its full form is Interconnected Network.

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