Focus Keyword: What is it and how we choose the right way

Focus Keyword: What is it and how we choose the right way

What is focus keyword in WordPress

Focus Keyword:- Often people talk about what a keyword is and how it can be ranked. That’s why I thought why not write an article on it, which will help the new blogger a lot.

If you are regularly adding best content on your website or blog daily and that too according to SEO, then it is a good thing. Because Google sees your website and blog that this website is active and new information is added daily. And this increases the volume of your website. But if you have chosen the right keyword and written the content accordingly, then no one can stop your website from being ranked. And there will be a lot of organic traffic on your website.

When you write an article after selecting a keyword, it is called focus keyword.

In other words, Focus Keyword or Keyword is a word that is repeatedly searched on search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex etc.). Therefore, if you make such a unique word as Focus Keyword that is searched more on search engines, then only your page will be ranked, otherwise not. And this will also bring a lot of organic traffic to your website.

That is, whenever someone searches, they will get your keyword and that user will come to your website.

But you have chosen such a word which is not searched, then all your hard work will be useless because no one will come to your website and your page will not be able to rank. They can also be called Keyword or Keyphrase.

Let us understand this by example: I searched Google on Make Money then Make Money is the focus keyword.
That is, a word that Blogger writes an article about. Just as children are told in

Why we need Focus Keyword

This is a term that inputs into the Yoast SEO Plugin so that the site can perform optimally on the search engine and get keyword rank. This keyword is very important word because user searches this word and visits your website.
Focus Keyword: What is it and how we choose the right way

Friends, you must have searched anything by going on Google search. Remember what you have searched, do not remember, you have forgotton . don’t worry , we tell you. You had searched Make Money so you must have seen a lot of results as you write this, if this result comes in front of you then this word is keyword.

Let me tell you friends, we have to keep such a keyword which is searched more. So that visitors come to our website.

The main goal to make you blog is a lot of traffic. But this will be possible only when you rank on Google search. For this, an article has to be written according to Keyword Strategy and SEO friendly rules have to be well followed. In view of all this it is necessary.

You will not be able to achieve anything just by writing an article randomly. Write the article according to ON Page SEO.

Keyword is the main part of the blog, Blogger writes an article, assuming the focal point. Google search your keyword in the post and ranks it due to SEO technique.

So while writing the post, take special care of keywords and SEO, only then your written will be able to come in front of the world, otherwise millions of posts are published every hour.

Page ranking means more and more traffic came to your blog.

How to choose the right keywords

For blogging career keywords is a main factor. Therefore, while choosing the Right Focus Keyword, we have to pay attention to a few things: –

Find Keyword People search More

We should choose such Keyword which is searched more on Google. We already explained in above paragraph.

So if you have to use Yoast SEO Plugin for your blog, then it will automatically optimize your post according to the keyword. We find the keywprd like this:
Google suggest

Here we are providing a free website list which will help you research a Keyword.

  1. Yoast Suggest.
  2. Answer the public
  3. Google Trends
  4. Keyword Surfer
  5. Keyworddit
  7. Google Search Console
  8. Questiondb
  9. Bulk Keyword Generator
  10. Google
  11. Keyword Sheeter.
  12. Keyword Everywhere.

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