16 Best free Image sites list for WordPress website.

16 Best free Image sites list for WordPress website.

Best free image sites for personal use

Best free image sites :- It is a big problem for all bloggers to get photos from their blog or website. Which is new to this field, which means that someone who has just start blogging they does not know about free stock images? They write article and post without images .

But they do not know that an image is equal to thousand words. A photo tells a lot. That’s why I am telling them about those things. Those who write articles by hard work and do not post the photos in the post. And if you put it, then paste someone’s copy and put it in your post. You can see on Google that every website has an image.

A blog or websites seems more attractive with SEO, Backlines and images. You will get the rank on search engine just by putting related images on the post. Visitors also like such website or blog, which has an eye catching image. Image shows how you have define it. Image shows how your content will be.

Search Engine Google also places such a post in which the proper image is. So keep in mind whenever you write an article, you definitely need to add images related to it.

All people copy and paste the image to Google for their blog. But friends, this is a bad thing as the image that is copied in the post by copying its copy and it will be of anyone, what will happen if he makes a claim on you. Your blog will be ban. Then your dream money will be scattered.

A images is equal to many words

If you copy the image from Google or anywhere, then you should need to follow the condition of that websites. If you take caution, then copyright will not be done. Copyright issue can be avoided by following the rules of the website.

If you copy the image from Google or anywhere, then you should need to follow the condition of that websites. If you take caution, then copyright will not be done. Copyright issue can be avoided by following the rules of the website.

Best Free image sites list with no copyright

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When you steal or copy single images from Google or any other websites it called copyright issue.

But when you create self or copy from free stock images that called creative common licence.

You do not have to copy any single image from anywhere or even copy it from Google. You have to create an image for yourself from your blog. If you create your own blog’s image then it has many benefits: –

  • Your brand will hit.
  • You will not have a copyright issue.
  • Google will keep you on the first rank.

And if you copy from Google also, then follow some instruction I am explaining below about it: –

First go to your browser and type in Google.co.in ( for Indian users)

Then type the search bar which image you want.

Suppose I searched the National Flag. Now there are so many images on the screen in front of me. Now if I copy these, the copyright issue will be done. And to avoid this, click on Tools in the right side and clicking on it will show the following option.

  • Not filtered by license
  • Labeled for reuse with modification
  • Labeled for reuse
  • Labeled for non commercial reuse with modification
  • Labeled for non commercial reuse.
  • So if you have to choose the second option then you will not be a copyright.
  • This is called creative common.

Best Free image sites list for commercial use

Image is a very best example for your blogs. It is also a SEO friendly. Content with best example images are very necessary. You know that image is a good for search Engine or it a play a best roll for your blogs.

What means Royalty Free Images?


Royalty free does not mean free, but from here you take a photo by paying once a month or year.

What is Creative Common Licence?

A Creative Common licence (CC) is a several public licence, it is one of them. CC types images anyone can use their commercial work.

What happened we copy others images?


If we copy or steal images from Google search or other bloggers then he filled a FIR against copyright law and Google ban your blog against penalty.


Best Free Image Sites for Commercial uses









Freeimages .com








  1. Shutterstock :

This website is a huge collection of royalty free photos. This website mention only free images, but you have to pay its membership then you take images. From this website you can download photos according to your need. There is a clash according to different categories, which you can select and download. From here you can take creative photos for different backgrounds. Here you will find High Resolution images. More than 200000 images Add photos daily to this website. More than 1 billion images and video clips have been downloaded so far from this website. Shutterstock website is available in 21 languages ​​and is prevalent in more than 150 countries.

Go to Shutterstock




  1. Pixabay:


This website is also a huge collection of free photos and videos. From here you can get High Quality & Royalty Free Images and put on your blog or websites. This website was created by the Photographer Community. In this, all photographers have uploaded photos by creating different categories. About 1 million photos and videos have been shared on this website from social media and blog. According to November 2017, there is a collection of about 1188454 photos and videos in this website. Download images and videos from pixabay can do commercial or non-commercial use.


  1. Unsplash

Unplash is a free images stock website. Anyone can download images from there and use commercial and non- commercial use. These all images are high resolution. This is also photo sharing website. This website is famous for stock photograph.

This website is divided into categories; you can download the photo of category. Unplash allows photographers to upload photos but according to its license.

4 Pexels

Pexels is also a good name; it also provides us high quality free stock images, which is licensed under the Creative Commons Zero. We can search images direct from Pexels official websites. In this situation over 40000 free stock images available in Pexels and he add every years almost 3000 images high resolutions. And all best sources of images for bloggers. Pexels provides a beautiful and high resolution images. You can use these free stock images to anywhere and this is free for commercial uses and there are no any attributions required.

  1. Stocksnap

Stocksnap is a best place to find the stock and royalty free images, in the world of internet. Stocksnap’s are images are Creative Commons free. You can use or modify this images for your commercial and non-commercial usage.

Stocksnap is a large collection of free stock photos, beautiful photos and high resolution images. All the photos you get from here are copyright restrictions (cco). From this website you can download latest photos daily.

  1. Moveast

Moveast is a best place to find the free stock images also. In this sides many types of images available eg.travel related, food, nature etc and much more etc.

Moveast also provide us stock images for your commercial and non commercial uses.

7 Burst


From here you can take millions of beautiful and beautiful pictures and take commercial and non commercial use accordingly. Photos downloaded from here are copyright free.

You can download free for your personal usage no any attribution required.

8 . Morguefile

MorgueFile is a free stock images database. This website has more than 380000 high quality and high resolution images available. You can download commercial, non-commercial and personal use from here. And can also modify, no attribution required.

  1. Freeimages .com


If you are looking for royalty free photos then you are in the right place. You can download 300000 perfect photo royalty free images from this website easily by downloading commercial, NOn-Commercial and Personal. Freeimages provide high quality royalty free images for commercial or non commercial with modification.Freeimages also provided cco images, clip art, historical images for your personal uses

  1. Istock

Istock is a collection of Royalty Free photos, illustrations and videos from here you can search millions of free royalty free images and videos. From this website you can enhance the beauty of your project by using your projects and by using perfect images or videos for your personal use. You get cool photography photo don’t get anywhere.

  1. Dreamstime

Dreamstime is a world leader of providing a royalty free digital photo for your commercial and non-commercial usage. If you are looking to download images from this website then you have to pay a onetime fee and download a many images of high quality and high resolutions for your individual and non-commercial usage.

If you are a photographer then you have to sell your images to Dreamstime. Also you can earn money from Dreamstime from referral programs. Dreamstime earning funds you can buy images.

  1. Fotolia

Fotolia is a USA base company. It provided royalty free stock images for your commercial and non-commercial use. It is the best platform for buy and sell images. If you create a photo then you can sell to Fotolia and take payment from it. It provides Photos in high quality and high resolutions, videos and clips. It provides 35 millions photos in cheap rates. 168 millions photos storage available here. There are many categories images available in creative common. Fotolia is a great image bank of these types of profession who needs images for their personal uses.

  1. Alamy


Alamy is the base of United Kingdom Company. It launches in 1999 for providing stock images, vectors and videos for your commercial and non-commercial use. There are millions of stock images collections. Alamy is the world’s diverse stock images collections. It provides high quality images of royalty free images. There are 145 billions images available in low prices. You can pay onetime payment and use photos of your commercial uses.



  1. Gettyimages


Gettyimages is the world’s best photo library for royalty free images, videos and illustrations. Here you have to pay a onetime payment and take unlimited benefit of its royalty free stock images, videos. Gettyimages provides millions of stock and royalty free images for your commercial and non commercial uses.

best free image sites with no copyright

15 Flicker


Flickr provide a great collection of royalty free images, photos and vectors & many categories. All images are systematic and categorise and divided into many groups .thousands of images added daily in Flickr gallery for creative common. If you want to use with modification of this image then pay a onetime payment and use unlimited images and videos.



16  Libreshot


Libreshot provide a huge stock images with no copyright issue, no attribution required and no watermark for all. all images divided with catagories like business and personal . Here you download and use commercial and non commercial use.


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