Tulsidas ke dohe and his biography and life story in English

Tulsidas ke dohe and his biography and life story in English

Tulsidas ke dohe and his  biography in English

Tulsidas ke dohe :- Goswami Tulsidas (1511-1623) was a saint, great poet and a philosopher. In the category of the devotees of Bhaktikal, their names are taken with great respect. He wrote the great religious epic Ramcharitmanas, which is in Hindi language simple. Goswami Tulsidas’s fiesta is the noble Lord Ram.
Goswami Tulsidas has written very well all the forms of Lord Rama in his book Ramcharitmanas. Reading Ramcharitmanas will automatically make you aware.

Tulsidas ke dohe :-

“सरनागत कहूँ जे तजहिं निज अनहित अनुमानि, ते नर पावॅर पापमय तिन्हहि बिलोकति हानि।”

संवत सोलह सौ असी ,असी गंग के तीर ।

श्रावण शुक्ला सप्तमी ,तुलसी तज्यो शरीर ॥

Maharishi Vallamikhi composed the Ramayana text and Tulsidas Ramcharitmanas That’s why people consider this as the incarnation of Valmiki. Ramcharitmanas is an immortal creation of Tulsidas. And read this book with great interest in every home in North India.


There is a difference between the scholars regarding the birth of Tulsidas. Tulsidas was born in Rajapur village in the year 1511 on the date of the Shukla paksh of Shravan month. His mother’s name is Hulsi Devi and father’s name is Atmaram Dubey.

When Tulsidas was born, there were 32 teeth in his mouth. And they did not look like a newborn baby. His childhood name was Rambola. Because the word Ram was out of his mouth at birth.

For the first nine months of child birth, He/she lives in the mother’s womb. And after nine months He/she is born. But Tulsidas was born after twelve months. And after birth, he look like as a five-year-old child. And the newborn crying after birth, but the word Ram came from Tulsidas’s mouth.

After the birth of Tulsidas, astrologers said that this baby was born in an unlucky moment and this is danger for their parents.

Rambola Tulsidas

On the second day of his birth, his mother Hulsi Devi ascended to heaven. And after four days, his father went to Rambola by handing over the maid Chianya to avoid this unwanted child.

Then Chuniya raised the Rambola child. And after five years, Maid Chuniya passed away too. Now the child Rambola became orphaned and started wandering around this place.

Then one day, he went to Guru Naraharidas, who was the Guru of Vaishnavism. And he made Rambola child his devotee. And Guru Narharidas rename  Tulsidas from Rambola. Now he popular from Tulsidas.

The child was goddess Shakti in Rambola. As Tiksidas taught the Gayatri Mantra at the time of Diksha-rites, the child Tulsidas chanted Gayatri Mantra.

This boy had talented talent and singular wisdom. One who once saw or read, could remember him. Staying the same, he studied the Vedas. And he heard the whole story of Lord Rama from his lord.

Tulsidas Marriage

Dinbandhu pathak seeing the unique talent of Tulsidas, decided to marry his beautiful daughter Ratnawali with Tulsidas. And thus, at the age of 29, Tulsidas was married to Ratnawali, daughter of Dinbandhu Pathak. He had a son named Tarak.

Tulsidas ki Ram Bhakti

Tulsidas loved his wife very much. They did not love the separation of the wife. Once upon a time. His wife Ratnawali had gone to Mike.

Tulsidas suddenly remembered his wife a lot So he came to his house with the request of the guru. So there was no wife, because she was gone to her maika. He immediately went to meet her father in-laws in order to meet her wife. That day was also rainy and it was dark night.

When he grew up, he still swim across the river. A dead man was flowing in the river, caught him and crossed the river. And when he reached the father in-law hom , all had slept. And the ray of light was coming from the wife’s room. And the snake was hanging on the window. Tulsidas was so fascinated by the love of his wife. Considering the snake as a drool, he got up and went upstairs and reached the wife’s room.

When the wife saw him suddenly at midnight, he was stunned. And he said, ‘I love you so much from this bone and blood.’ If you do so much love with God, then you will cross your path.

In his heart, the wife suffered a heart attack. And from there they returned directly to their village and got absorbed in the devotion of God.

Now Tulsidas traveled to Charo Dham such as Kashi, Prayag, Ayodhya and Chitrakoot. And also become a sadhu . And he started studying the conduct of saints.

Then they went to Kashi and stayed on doing penance of God and listening to God’s story all.

It is clear from the lines: –

अस्थि चर्म मय देह यह, ता सों ऐसी प्रीति।।

नेकु जो होती राम से, तो काहे भव-भीत ?

 Hanuman aur Tulsidas

Tulsidas lived in Varanasi and he every morning, worshiped and used to preach. And used to give water to Bunyan trees regularly. One day the god of Bunyan trees appeared to Tulsidas and said, “I am very happy with your devotion. You drink me every day Now you want the boon demands

Tulsidas asked the same verdict that I should worship Shriram. There is a direct vision of Lord Shriram. So that god said that you have to meet Hanuman for this. He will guide you.

And they also told that as Hanuman Kodi comes daily to hear Ram-Katha. There you will be his eyes.

And thus Tulsidas appeared with Hanuman. And Hanuman said to him that if you want to see Ram and Laxman, then you have to go to Chitrakoot. And there will be a lot of smoke on Chitrakoot Ghat. Tulsidas did the same.

Tulsidas and Ramcharitmanas


Lord Shankar and mother Parvati come to dream and translate Valmiki Ramayana into Tulsidas in simple Hindi language.

He also said that the next generation of religious texts written by you will also be blessed with love and love. And you will sing praises.

Following his order, Saint Tulsidas began to compose Ramcharitmanas. And in two years seven months and twenty-six days completed the composition of this epic. This day was the day of Ramnavmi on Tuesday.

Tulsidas and His Books

Tulsidas written the following epic in his lifetime.

  • Ramcharitmanas.
  • Ramlalhachhu
  • Vairagya Sandipani
  • Barwai Ramayana
  • Parvati-Mangal
  • Janaki-Mangal
  • Ramagyaprishna
  • Dohavali
  • Kavitawali
  • Gitawali
  • Srikrishna-Geetawali
  • Vinaypatrika
  • Satsai
  • Chandawali Ramayana
  • Kundalya Ramayan
  • Ram Shalaka
  • Sankat Mochan
  • Karaakha Ramayana
  • Rola Ramayan
  • Chappay Ramayana
  • Kavita ramayana
  • Hanuman Chalisa
Death of Tulsidas

Tulsidas spent most of his time in Varanasi. In the meanwhile, in 1680, he left his life at the eighty Ghat of Varanasi.

Final Words: He was a great poet, visionary and religious guide. Every Hindu tries to adopt the epic made by him in his conduct. In the epic Ramcharitmanas, he is said to be the best man of Lord Rama. Today every person should bring his conduct into his life.

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