Indira Gandhi Biography , awards and achievements

Indira Gandhi Biography , awards and achievements

First Women PM of India Indira Gandhi Biography in English

Indira Gandhi Biography:- Indira Priyadarshni Nehru is the daughter of Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru’s, who become the first women prime minister of India.

She is always known worldwide due to her political intelligence and her unique talent. In Indian constituent she ruled a long time women prime minister of India.

She serves 16 years as Prime Minister. She continuously serves from January 1966 to March 1977 and again January 1980 to October 1984 as a Prime Minister. She continued to serve the country as long as she lived.

Full Name: – Indira Priyadarshni Nehru

Date of Birth: – 19 November 1917

Birth Place:-Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, British, India

Date of Death: – 31 October 1984 (aged 66)

Death Place:- New Delhi, India

Reason of Death: – Assassination

Resting Place: – Shakti Sthal (New Delhi) India

Political Party: – Indian National Congress

Fathers Name: – Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru

Mothers Name: – Kamala Nehru

Grand Father:- Motilal Nehru

Date of Married: – 1941

Husband/Spouse:-Feroze Gandhi

Children’s:– Rajeev Gandhi and Sanjay Gandhi

Sons in Law: – Sonia Gandhi and Menka Gandhi

Grand Sons: – Rahul Gandhi and Varun Gandhi

Grand Daughters: – Priyanka Gandhi

Occupations: – Politician

Educational Qualification:– Graduation from Vishwa Bharti University, Summerville College, Oxford University.

Post:– Leader and Ex-Prime Minister of Indian Republic.

Awards: – Bharat Ratna (in 1971), Bangladesh Freedom Honour (2011)

Indira Gandhi Biography & Early Life

Indira was born on 19 November 1917 at Anand Bhawan in Allahabad in the house of a Kashmiri Pandit. His childhood name was Indira Nehru. Her Mother’s name is Kamala Nehru and Fathers name is Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru, who is the first Prime Minister of India. Her Grand fathers name is Motilal Nehru.

At that time, our India was a slave of the British. In the fight for freedom from slavery, his father was the main in the political struggle.

Indira Nehru was the only child of her parents. She also had a younger brother who died in childhood.

Indira was raised in Anand Bhawan in Allahabad. Her Grandfather Motilal Nehru named “Indira” Named and all family members at home call him to Indu.

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