What is computer system and its components in English

These days Everyone wants to know about computers.  Must have seen it in an offices, Railway station or shopping mall. Have you ever thought what is a computer, and how does it work , and who made it? Because we are all wants to know what is computers , and how it works. In present-times […]

How to fix Permalinks in WordPress- pxxstory.com

What is Permalink in WordPress and fix it What is Permalink in WordPress:- Permalinks are the permanent URLs to my individual blog or website pages on your wordpress site. It is the web address and used to linking to your content. The URLs of each post’s must be permanent. There are three types of Permalinks available:-   […]

Profit and Loss formula and tricks Questions for Students

Profit and Loss formula and tricks:- Selling and buying something like any object it is nature of men’s. But taking profit it get something loss. But how we find out profit and loss. We will cover with some solved questions for students. Cost price or Purchase Price When we buy any product then it is […]

Pongal Festival Essay in English for Children and Students

Pongal Festival Essay in English Language Pongal festival is mainly celebrated in Tamil Nadu. It is a harvest festival. Just as Onam is the main festival of the people of Kerala, Pongal is the main festival for the people of the Hindu religion of Tamil Nadu. This festival is connected with crop harvest and farmers. […]

Nusrat Jahan Biography, Age, Life history and her careers

Actress Nusrat Jahan Biography in English Nusrat Jahan biography :- Nusrat Jahan is a Bengali films actress, model and a great politician of Trinamool Congress party. By the way she came to limelight when she married with business man Nikhil Jain. She won the election from Bashirhat assembly constituency. She converted to their religion from […]

Importance of World environment day Essay in English for Students

Importance of World Environment day in our lives Importance of World Environment day :- World Environment Day 2019 will be celebrated by people all over the world on Wednesday, June 5th. World environment day 2019 theme and slogan All the countries of the world yearly observe World Environment Day on 5th June. But the theme […]

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