What is pc in computer system । describe its all types in 500+ words


What is pc in computer system । describe its all types in 500+ words

What is pc?

What is pc – A personal computer is a simple computer that is used by a person, society or organization. But computers are called desktops, which we use for multitasking. It is flexible all the way. They are used as their data management in all big and small companies. We can place it on a table in the office. In short, we call PC as personal computer or computer.

The general meaning of Computer is do calculation. Which features is doing calculation. It called computer.

Full form of computer:-


Co: – Common

M: – Multi

P: – Purpose

U: – Unit

Ter: – Terminal

Definition of Computer

A computer is a device that has no fixed definition, although people define it differently.

In other hands, Compute is a electronic device which works a tremendous speed and process raw data and generate require results.

As we require result

It gives results as per my requirement. This process culminates in three stages: –

Data Input



Mouse, keyboard, sketch pen, pen drive, scanner, all these devices are examples of input devices. Computers take input from these data. The computer is then instructed through the software via commands. Which is called entering data.

The second step is to process data. So according to the command with the help of software, what you give the command the computer processes. There is many arithmetic or logical operations in it.

Output is the last and third phase. The result processed by the computer is displayed on the screen of the computer. After this, you can save it, or take print out.

It works only with the help of software and hardware. Its brain, which is called CPU, they are connected to all other hardware; they do operation by aligning with it, which is called operating system.

What is keyboard in computer?

Keyboard is the vital part of computer we can assume as primary input device. It is a best example of input device. We give command or order to it through software.  Its size and look like as similar to typewriter. In one keyboard available total 101 keys for example-

  • Function keys
  • Control keys
  • Arrow keys
  • Shift keys
  • Alt keys
  • Cltr key
  • Esc key
  • Space bar
  • Alphabetical keys
  • Numeric keys etc.

Parts of the Computers

According to the Input and Output device there are the following parts are the computers:-

Input Devices



Scanners Machine

Digital Camera


Touch Screen etc.

Output Devices

Monitor Screen



Sound Card

Video Card etc.

We cover information about the main components of the computers. Because it is made up of many components.

CPU: – Central Processing Unit.


CPU is called processors it is also called a brain of computers, without this all are in vain.  It processes your data, the better the processor will process your data.


It is look like a thin plate. It is in the middle of the Computers CPU. With this slot many small hardware’s connected with, like-CPU, Memory card, hard disk, disk drive, audio-video card, optical drive etc.

RAM-(Random Access Memory)

We-can-save-your-valuable-data in RAM. Working-with-Computers-sometimes-your PC shutdown due to power cut or any other issues, in this occur data loss. But you save your data then you regain.RAM protect your data on hard-disk and it-is a storage media. RAM is denoted by Megabytes (MB) or Gigabyte (GB) . higher the GB of RAM is the better speed of your PC.

Hard Disk or Drive

Harddisk is main storage of Computers. In which you can save important data and keep it for long time. Today’s many external devices available. e.g – Pen drive, Floppy-drive, Zip-drive, CD-Drive, DVD etc.

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