Happy World Student Day 2020: Quotes, Messages, Images in Short.


  World Student Day 2020: Quotes, Messages, Images  

Today is World Student Day. World Student Day is celebrated every year on 15 October for the birthday memory of former president of India Apj Abdul Kalam. He is also a famous missile man. He is a political leader also an author, professor, and writer. World student day has celebrated the memory of his birth because he always guides students.

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Dr. Abdul Kalam was the eleventh President of India, he was rich in talent. He was very interested in writing studies. Therefore, he was always sharing his important knowledge with the students. He was born in an ordinary family and was an average student during his studies, but he was always interested in writing and reading.

Abdul Kalam students always saw the right path, they were ideal for him. Being born in a small village in Tamil Nadu, he did not give up his dream, and one day he occupied the highest post in the country. All of us students should take inspiration from him and follow what he has been told.

Why do we celebrate World Students Day?

In view of the unprecedented interest and contribution of Abdul Kalam in the field of science, the United Nations announced to celebrate October 15 every year as World Student Day. He was a scientist and politician as well as a good teacher. He used to attract the minds of millions of students with his speeches.

If we are a student then we should learn a lot from Kalam’s life, take inspiration. Because despite his life full of difficulties, he did not forget his goal and continued to work hard. And he raised the name of himself and his country all over the world. He became a missile mind and raised the country proudly.

Importance of World Student Day in our life

Every student should know the importance of World Student Day. Because on this day a great scientist was born, which is an ideal for all of us. How did he take a life as a challenge and, facing all those difficulties, reached the pinnacle of success. A child selling a small newspaper sat at the top post in the country. Therefore every one of his conduct will have to come into our life, only then you can become a success. Only then you can do something in your life.

Children are the future of the country for tomorrow. If he is guided well, then the future will improve. Will bring revolution With regard to this, World Student Day is celebrated in all schools and colleges with great respect and reverence.

Many programs like essay competition, debate competition are organized in the school on this occasion. And it is mandatory for all the children to participate and the child who becomes a winner is given appropriate reward. Which increases his enthusiasm.

world students day quotes

  • Books become permanent companions. Sometimes, they are born before us; they guide us during our life journey and continue for many generations.
  • Thinking should become your capital asset, no matter whatever ups and downs you come across in your life.

world students 2020 theme

The theme of world students day 2020 is ‘Learning for people, planet, prosperity and peace.’

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