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World saving day or World thrift day Special.

World saving day or world thrift day both are the same. In the starting period, we know world thrift day but now permanently is the world-saving day. World saving day is celebrated every year on 30 October worldwide.


Saving means doing save means keep safe for the future. But what saving which one we can save or safe for future it simple means is money. We can save to keeping safe our money for my evil days. Money is an essential part of our life why not we can not survive our life without money. Because good morning to good night we need money for buying anything else. So we should earn money to maintain our expenditure or save for our future like illness or old age.

Saving is also the economy of any country. The government also suggest we protect your money to increase our importance. Saving is also a world economy. We can correct the economy of any country to saving funds continuously. This day some celebration some are confusion they celebrate two different days 30 October or 31 October.


Many bankers through campaign open saving account for peoples and attract their attention account to saving.


If your mind and start a small saving it will go to a big valued money one day. So you do not ignore this and start saving from today. Because of many institutions and world communities’ attention their public on this side.


The first world-saving day is celebrated in Italy on 31 October 1984 but due to smt Indira Gandhi accidental death agreed 30 October we celebrated this day.


Saving is very essential for our life we can not afford more life without it. There are many benefits to saving money for our future life.


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