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World computer literacy day Essay in English

World Computer Literacy Day 2020– we live in the twenty-one century. This era is the digital era. Now We have entered the digital era. Digital means paperless work no writing pad or pen required. Means work only but no need any paper. Now all work computerized around the world.

Today, no work is done without a computer. No matter what the office is. Whether it is a government office or a transport agency and elsewhere, the work is done by computer everywhere. Or is there a doctor’s clinic?  And why not because it works very quickly and immediately.

That’s why people use it in every work. Because it is easy to work with it and according to your business you can increase your business even more with software. Arranging and managing data has become a left-handed game. And the computer is a boon for the younger generation. It is also an employment tool for many people. Therefore, we should all adopt it.

Without seeing you, it is not possible to do any work on a computer. When it is so important and also a part of human life. But operating a computer is also not so easy. For this, you must have a good knowledge of its software, only then you will be able to process and manage your data well.

Therefore, it has become very important to take computer education keeping all these things in mind. And let’s know what the people of the world say about it. What do they all think about that?

What is meant by computer literacy?

Computer literacy means that if you know every command and function of the computer well, then you will be able to operate any type of software easily. Only then you will get better results.

Why is World Computer Literacy Day celebrated?

World Computer Literacy Day Day is celebrated every year on 2 December to promote the digital age in the entire world  . Knowledge of computers is very important for today’s young generation, only then they will be able to walk eight of this world. They also have to be a part of this digital revolution. In view of all this, computer literacy has been made mandatory in all classes. Therefore, this day is celebrated every year on 2 December to make every person aware of it.

What are the advantages of computer literacy?

Computer literacy has the following advantages:

  • You will be able to easily arrange and manage your data.
  • Communication skills would be good.
  • Your business growth will improve.
  • You will be able to tackle any work online easily.

Who Started World Computer Literacy Day?

This  Day was brought out by NIIT, the Indian PC organization. World Computer Literacy Day denotes the twentieth commemoration of NIIT.


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