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International literacy day introduction

International Literacy DayWhat is the difference between man and animals? Can you tell me any idea?

The difference is education. Education is what separates us from animals. Why is education important for us? If we want to live as human beings, then we have to adopt education.

When the people of the world learned that education is very important according to all the needs of humans. Therefore, all the world communities gathered and entrusted the responsibility of this work to UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization).

Then UNESCO, in consultation with all the officials, came to this conclusion and announced on 17 November 1965 that we all people of the world community would celebrate 8 September every year as “International Literacy Day”. Since then, International Literacy Day is celebrated every year on 8 September. And the first “International Literacy Day” was celebrated on 8 September 1966.

Today we have all celebrated the 52nd ‘International Literacy Day’ with a resolve to end illiteracy from the world. Today, every person of the society and every community are aware of education and the whole world believes it.

This day is specially celebrated to bring attention to the rate of adult education and literacy for the international community. You all know that illiteracy is a curse. There is a huge difference between an all society and a rude society.

Our country of India is a rural-dominated country and 70 percent of its population lives in villages, which are victims of poverty, superstition, illiteracy, and many other forms of exploitation. Through the literacy movement, much such as caste, religion, local and provincial discrimination have been broken and made people aware.

To live a respectable life, it is important for everyone to be educated. The main goal is to educate all the people in the world. Its goal is to make children, adults, women, and old people literate.

International Literacy Day celebration

Even though the world has celebrated 52nd World Literacy Day. But according to a recent report, the literacy ratio in India is very useful.

UNESCO’s Global Education Monitoring has presented a report about India, according to which it will be able to achieve the global target of primary education in 2050, secondary education in 2060, and higher secondary education in 2085.

Before independence, the condition of our country was very bad. But since independence, the literacy graph in the country has increased by 57 percent; despite this, we are quite backward globally.

According to the 2011 census, the literacy rate of our states is as follows: –

Kerala 93.91 %

Lakshadweep   92.28%

Mizoram 91.58%

Tripura 87.75 %

Goa 87.40%

Delhi 86.34%

In the case of the world, India has a literacy rate of 75.06%, which is very low. Whereas, to increase the rate of education in the country, meaningful steps are being taken in this direction through Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, Adult Education Scheme, Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Scheme, and Saakshar Bharat. According to the 2011 census, the literacy rate in the country is 75.06. However, in the year 1947, it was just 18 percent.

Like the economic inequality in the country, the percentage of literacy is also different among women and men. While the literacy rate of males is 82.14%, its percentage among females is just 65.46. The reason for low literacy among women is overpopulation and lack of knowledge of family planning.

According to the 2011 Census, literacy in the country has increased at a rate of 9.2 percent. According to UNESCO, around 78 crore people worldwide are illiterate. 75% of these 78 crore people are only in these 10 countries which include India, China, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Brazil, Indonesia, and Congo. However, there are some of these 10 countries whose literacy rate has increased rapidly in the last few years. This includes Nepal, Ethiopia, and Bangladesh.

Why we celebrate international literacy day

Education is very important for the all-round development of man. It is the foundation of taking society and country on the path of progress.

Education is necessary for all the activities like the proper development of human beings and knowing their rights for society. If you are educated then your wife will also be educated, as a result, children will also be educated only then the country will grow.

Eradicating poverty, reducing child mortality, controlling population growth, achieving gender

equality, etc. is very important to root out. If we are literate then only we can enhance the prestige of family and country. Literacy Day celebration is constantly celebrated to promote people towards achieving education and to understand their responsibility for family, society, and country.

World literacy day 2019 theme


The first literacy program was held in Bangladesh capital Dhaka. And the international seminar was organized on the foundation of sustainable development of girls and women literacy and education with the help of the government of UNESCO.

And the theme of the year 2019 Literacy Day- Literacy and Sustainable Development. Literacy is one of the key elements, which is necessary to promote sustainable development. Since literacy empowers the common man, human beings can take the right decisions about the environment including increasing their economic capacity and social development.

The slogan on world literacy day

  • UNESCO’s Literacy Mission.
  • All the people will be literate, the country will develop.
  • Literate citizen progressive nation.
  • Thinking of UNESCO, make every citizen literate.
  • With the effort of UNESCO, every citizen should have access to education.
  • Pure safe effective, UNESCO literacy mission is profitable.
  • The concept of UNESCO will adopt full literacy.


We all Indians should celebrate with enthusiasm and gaiety on “International Literacy Day”. The illiterate nation can never go on the path of progress. Education removes the darkness and evils spread in our country and society.

Due to lack of education, incidents like poverty, lack toilets in school, rape and molestation of girls, casteism, and apathy of parents towards daughters’ education continue to happen.

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