27 March 2021 Current Affairs. Current affairs in Hindi Daily

27 March 2021 Current Affairs 

Welcome friends. 27 March 2021 Current Affairs are presents lots of knowledge and lots of opportunity. So you must have to read 27 March 2021 current affairs at a new glance. We always brings for you a success material for various places.

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Q1. When Bangladesh celebrate National Day ?
(a) 15 August
(b) 26 January
(c) 26 March
(d) 30 March
Ans:- 26 March
[Hints- Bangladesh got freedom on 26th March 1971. Hence all Bangladeshi celebrates National day on this day. On this day leave whole day and they debate, political events, fair and music programs. ]

Some Related Information

  • Capital of Bangladesh – Dhaka
  • Prime Minister – Sheikh Haseena
  • President of Bangladesh- Abdul Hamid.

Q2. Which country honour the guard of honour awards to PM Modi recently ?
(a) Nepal
(b) Srilanka
(c) Bangladesh
(d) Maldive
Ans:- Bangladesh

[Hints-Prime Minister Narendra Modi invited Bangladesh to celebrate National day. In this occasion pm of Bangladesh sheikh Haseena award him the Guard of Honour. During this period Mr Modi done many remarkable works like as. worship at temple at Bangladesh and remember of martyr who killed at fight in 1971. Also he bow a plant at martyr place.]

Q3. Below are the some countries , find out which one adopt go for zero policy for remove corona and now become covid free country in the world ?
(a) Brazil
(b) Italy
(c) Australia
(d) Spain

Q4. Q4. Recently the establishment of International Literature Festival in Mumbai and Journalist and writer Anil Dharkar passed away accidentally? In which field were they employed?
(a) Editor
(b) Director
(c) Producer
(d) Singer
Ans:- Editor


current affairs 2021 questions and answers

Q5. Where was Chhatrasal Convention Center inaugurated?
(a) Delhi
(b) Assam
(c) Madhya Pradesh
(d) West Bengal
Ans: – Madhya Pradesh

[Chhatrasal conventional center is inaugurated at Khajuraho in Madhyapradesh. Khajuraho is now tourism city. Now Khajuraho is developing as iconic tourist destination]




Q6. Who got Forbes Leadership award recently ?
(a) Sonu Sood
(b) Shahrukh Khan
(c) Abhitabh Bachhan
(d) Akshay Kumar
Ans:- Sonu Sood




Q7. Heart of Asia ‘2021 conference is going to happen in which country?
(a) Tajikistan
(b) Bangladesh
(C) China
(D) Nepal
Ans: – Tajikistan



Q8. Which actress of Hollywood recently died, which were known for iconic rolls?
(a) Jessica Walter
(b) Jason Betan
(C) Brook Bawman
(D) Other
ANS: – Jessica Walter





Q09 .In Jharkhand Who appointed as Managing Director of State Police Housing ?
(a) Ajay Kumar Singh
(b) Shri Chhavi Ranjan
(c) Ananya Mittal
(d) None
Ans:- Ajay Kumar Singh

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