List of Airports-International Airport in India in English

List of Airports in India English What is an airport? Define? List of Airports :- An airfield or airport is a place where thousands and millions of air vehicles, such as airplanes, airplanes, aeroplanes, helicopters, etc. take off or take off daily. That place is called Airport. Airplanes can also be stored at the airport. Each […]

Famous Indian authors and their books for Exam Preparation

Famous Indian authors and their books for all Famous Indian authors and their books:- Often one or two questions about the author of a book are always asked in competitive exams. Keeping this in mind, we are writing this article for students. Which is very useful? I am writing the names of books of every region […]

India States and Capitals and their chief minister’s names

India States and Capitals: – India got freedom from Englishman on 15 august 1947, afterward 26 January 1950 India gets a constituent and India becomes a republic of India. Afterward many states and their capitals are created by Congress government. Slowly and slowly for better governess divide in states and now in Indian republic has […]

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