Durga Puja – My Favourite Festival Essay in English 500+

Durga Puja – My Favourite Festival Essay in English 500+

Durga Puja essay in English Durga Puja :-We live in India; here people live of different religions together among themselves, such as Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians. And believe in different religions. India is a country of festivals. Durga Pooja is a very big festival of Hinduism. People celebrate this festival with great fun and enthusiasm. … Read more

Essay on Cow in english for students and children । 500+ words

Essay on Cow in English from kids and Students ESSAYS 1 (in 100 Words) The cow is a domestic animal, which is also called cow-mother or Gau-Mata. Gau-Mata is a pragmatic animal for Hinduism. Everyone in the village’s pet a cow. Pet a Cow has great and many benefits. The cow is a household and … Read more

Essay on Air Pollution for student and students English । 500+

Air Pollution Essay for child and students English Air Pollution– Increasing urbanization has become a big problem in modern days. And this problem is increase day by day. There are many problems on general peoples. Such as: Unemployment problem, water, problem, electricity problem, Starvation problem, and industrialization problem and air pollution. It is the big … Read more

Unemployment essay for Students and teacher । 500+ words

Unemployment is not only the state and the country but it is a big problem in the world. Essay on this topic is given by the teacher to the children to write in school. Then the children become confused. And think what this is? So we are writing for children through this article. It will … Read more